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call center in pakistan

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    sneha dixit

    hi, i understand that investment could be anywhere between 6-15 lac rs. for 10 seater.
    but i’ve no idea about the break even point, or say the profit (which obviously varies from process to process) but can anyone gimme a general idea or the profitability. it must be high though, as so many ppl r attracted to it. but a rough idea?? anyone??


    Mr. Amjad H. Mehr, can u plz gimmme a complete costing. I am in USA right now and will visit PAksitan (Lahore in a month). I am interested to setup my own call center in Pakistan. Can you plz send complete details and costing for its setup and operations. Alos plz lemme know how cna u help me?, i mean wat will be your responsibilites and the charges u will take

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    hi sneha
    well the profit depends on the capmaign you are working for , if you are running a telemarketing campaign ,they will pay you per sale,roughly $100,$150 per sale or may be more than that,now you can calculate the profit ,as you also have to pay the liscence per seat per month if you ar not purchasing your own equipment.hope this helps
    well i need to know whether you are purchasing your own equipment or taking the service from other company.
    with regards


    thanks junaid. that sounds cool, seems like there’s good profit margin in this industry. I’ll be back to india in a months time and hope to get started.
    but for that i need to talk to some consultant. do u know one in india??
    Also, what approximation of investment could we take in consideration, say , for a 10 seater?


    well for 10 seats u can consider it arround 8 lacs,but as u know it depends,and about the consultants i’ll let u know ,we can help u about that.

    sneha dixit

    hi again Junaid,
    8 lac seems feasible. But u realise that there’s a lot of curiosities that a layman could have taking up such a venture. I’d appreciate if you sent me other comprehensive details at my friends id :
    Thanks a lot.
    (also let all our conversations appear on this forum, it’s so helpful for all those are interested in the topic)


    Is there anyone who would be kind enough to explain in brief all these………….PSTN PTCL VOIP IP VSAT PTA IPCL etc……not everyone knows what they mean…..and most important….their COST for small setups 10-15


    It is interesting to see this place is transforming into a “hot-spot” for a constructive debate in the public domain.Certainly Pakistan and India both are geared to take giant leaps in the dynamic call-center industry. Many locals and foreigners are now promising to bring businesses from overseas. However the million dollar question remains are we back home fully prepared to implement solutions to maximise business potential- or we are just racing against each other trying to take lead – at least this is what I am gathering here. Point is not about starting a call center business because it sounds lucrative option but the question is how fast we can attract multinational companies to give us the chunk in order to meet the infrastructure and operating costs. Indeed few call-centers claiming to hit the jack-pot but what about others, are they having the same fate .Enterprising skills are extremely important element and that means having solid education and technical background together with pool of resources and obviously high level commercial and business expertise. We shouldn’t forget the key element of “demographics” when starting up a call center business as well. Call-center is a very sophisticated venture and requires total comimtment. Many of us wrongly anticipating as if it is like a a public call office or internet cafe which can be easily opened and then “put on sale” in classified news section, if not successful. Pakistanis /Indians with overseas background have competitive advantage because of their business contacts but they lack local expertise and vice versa. We specially as Pakistanis are good in following trends but avoid hard work and home work. We like to dream alot and keep dreaming about getting rich over-nite. On the other hand Indians always enter with commitment and “do or die” philosophy and thats why they definitely have temperament and now India is a “role-model” in IT industry. It is fascinating that many Pakistanis arguing here which city in particular offers more potential. We should always think alike and force our energies in developing unity and promoting and projecting Pakistan as one country. It is good that cities should compete in terms of taking excellence. Karachi is considered as the nerve center for Pakistan and Lahore is its heart. And this is a beautiful combination .


    what are the factors to be taken into consideration for calculating manpower projections in a call center – can I have a formulae

    Whistle Blower

    Hi, Friends

    Last Month I took admission in a Call Center Training Programme being conducted by a costly and well known IT institution in Rawalpindi-Islamabad.

    But till now there is no training being given and it looks that even our trainers who are well experienced CSRs of a well established call center in Islamabad dont know how to train or what to train.

    So, any body being excited by this Call Center Bubble, Beware and Be Realistic.


    Has anyone ever used quintum media gateway for their call centre Is it any good

    Harris Iqbal


    This is not allowed by PTCL at the moment. Major companies obtain LD licenses, but that too is for outbound dialing. Inbound calling over VoIP (termed as termination) is strictly forbidden.


    Quintums are good, cheap gateways for startup call centers. They may not be the “best” in the market, but certainly are worth their money’s worth.

    – Harris


    Would you prefer quintum over a hosted soloution like five 9 or promero.


    Quintums are the best all round gateways and almost the industry standard. netfix , net gear , mp gateways etc are the cheaper models.

    please correct urself


    i wanna estb a call center in karachi, i want to know how much i have to have i mean the min investment if i start with a ten seater, how much will it cost for all the setup , what are the current rules and reg.
    how much appox monthly exp?
    and how much money can i earn?
    will i get a client easily or not?
    can i set up for inbound calls?
    is there a liscence or something

    i would be very thankfull to the person who can help me out with this

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 103 total)
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