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call center in pakistan

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    I am a finalyear student of BCS in a well recognized university…and i want to know more about call center industry..and availablity of jobs in this sector…could any one help me to know that what are its requirements..nd how could i get job in a call center…
    looking forward for any kind of information…


    Asif ali!!! Use telephone cards available every where in the country, those might be chaeper and may be a little better in quality. Not joking really….


    I am searching for a call center in Pakistan, specially in Karachi but not necessarily. I would like to terminate my InBound calls in Pakistan. Most suitable company should have experience of working with offshore clients, must have agents who can speak good English and Urdu, and have a reliable setup. I already have an agreement in Pakistan with a call center and due to unreliability, I am dumping the company. Any potential candidate will have to work with me on test basis.

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    Raheel shakeel

    this is a very good plat form to search a job.


    Dan!! I think you can find good call centers in Pakistan for the needful.


    yup Dan…thts pretty much possible…

    Omer Ejaz

    Hi Dan. I believe you can find a few who can serve your purpose. How to contact you?


    Hi All,
    I need some help regarding the possibility of opening up a 20-30 seats call center here in Islamabad. I have to work out a few things prior to formulating a business plan though!!
    First of all which providers are available for LD, I know about five9 but i have heard that its not cost effective, is the correct?? What are the pros cons of using this particular provider.
    Secondly, I saw a pre-feasibility report for opening up a 20 seats center on smeda website. I think the cost mentioned is a bit low, Am i right?
    Can anyone tell me whats the initial investment like!! Someone approached me and gave a figure of 1 million rupees for 20 seats center, is it correct or there would be hidden charges as well.
    Last but not the least, should i acquire business first or put the infrastructure together. I welcome all types of suggestions
    Thanks and Regards



    Your question about setting up a call center is exactly like “You want to buy a Car”……Cost depends on the investment that you have…..
    For example, if you want to buy a car then either you can buy a Lexus or Simply Honda…..but in both cases you are getting 4 wheels …
    the same scenario we use in call center setup…If 1 million Rupees is only the cost of Equipments/call center solution (CSR computers, tables, chairs are not included)then it is double or tripple than the actual cost ….
    In simple words, Cost including equipments, solution, bandwidth …shouldn’t be more than 5 lakh rupees (half million)….




    I totally agree with Khan. The more money you throw in the better the center you build up.

    Harris Iqbal


    Vague questions like “how much does it cost” to setup a call center are simply pointless. How much does it cost to build a house? Now what would the answer be? You CANNOT tell by only this information. You need more facts. Same is the case with call centers. Where do you want to open it? What is the purpose of the call center? There are so many questions that need to be answered before one can actually go about running a call center.

    As for technology, Five9 is the world leader in hosted VoIP services. For the quality, it is the most cost effective solution around. People who actually know what they are doing use services such as Five9. Others can find many local/Indian solutions. Oh by the way I have NEVER seen such a center run for too long. Bottom line, do NOT try to save money on technology or Human Resource.

    – Harris

    Assad Amin

    Everybody wants to setup a call centre!!!

    What are you doing. Talk about saturation of resources. People please don’t get all caught up in haze of the call centre fad because most of them fail. There are only a few good call centres out there that have survived the ups and downs of this kind of business.

    Instead of wasting all your money and time on setting a call centre up from scratch. Why don’t you approach an existing call centre that has all the infrastructure in place. Rent some seats in the call centre then all you have to do is employ your staff and gain contracts. That way you will learn from the existing call centre and possibly gain funding if your are successful becoming a franchise. Or once you have gained the experience you can then purchase you own property and setup the call centre from scratch.

    This way there is a conistancy in call centre operations and a professional appearance to clients. Both call centres will profit from this kind of venture.

    Kind Regards

    Assad Amin


    I am intrested to set up call center in lahore. Is it easy to find well english spoken order taker. Normally hopw much pay they expect. Is it internet connection for inbound call is reliable.

    I have resoureces and every thing ready to go.Iinitially i am intrested to hire two person for day and night order taking.

    we will be usining fonality call center server.

    Basicly people are calling rate inquiry as well as for reservation. job is very simple taking reservation enter in online data base and dispatch to driver.

    Please help me and if some one is intrested to work and how much

    Abhinav Soni

    Hi , Abhinav from India i run a small call center in India and as far as dialer is concerened they are large number of players in India, however i use Parsec and fell that it is quite good in 20-200 segment

    Imran Saddal

    I am setting a call center in Islamabad. The call center will based on 4 agents who will be dialing customers in the UK and other European Unions.

    I need your help on how to:
    1. Setup the basic infrstructure as to making outbound calls to the countries suggested above.
    2. Also what kind of bandwith would be feasible ( cost effective way) for the use of VOIP.
    3. How to setup the VOIP,and is it legal to use after i acquire the licence? .
    I would be operating it from a house in Islambad.

    Please provide your suggestions. Thank you very much.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 103 total)
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