Technical resources for Erlang calculation and call center design, and details of technical support for our Erlang software products.

Technical support

Please contact us for help if:

  • You need help installing your software
  • Your software has stopped working
  • You need to download it again for your new computer

If you have bought Erlang software products from us, you are entitled to the latest version for the lifetime of the product – we don’t charge for upgrades. We offer technical assistance to make your software work, but we do not offer support for interpreting its results beyond the information provided in the User Guides below.

“I’m really happy with my decision to purchase this software from your company. This is the level of Service Quality that we all expect, and your company is doing an outstanding job is this area. You always have a quick answer and fulfil my expectations.”
Osvaldo Velarde, Citicorp

Frequently asked questions

Your question may already have been asked before. Please check the FAQs for each product:

Software manuals

We install the following user guides with our Erlang software products:

CC-ExcelA detailed reference for the call center Erlang functions that CC-Excel adds to Microsoft Excel.
Erlang for ExcelA detailed reference for the Erlang B and Erlang C functions that this product introduces to Excel.
Westbay Traffic CalculatorsA fully illustrated User Guide that includes many examples of the software’s use.
AnsapointThis is the user guide for Ansapoint, our call center analysis software.
VoIP CalculatorThis manual explains how to use VoIP Calculator; our Voice over IP bandwidth calculator for Windows.

Support guides

Please refer to the following areas for information on our products:

  • Excel Boardroom
    Our forum for sharing tip and tricks on using Excel.
  • Manually installing CC-Excel
    A guide to configuring Excel to use CC-Excel. This is normally taken care of by the software installer, but must occasionally be done manually.
  • Manually installing Erlang for Excel
    A guide to configuring Excel to use Erlang for Excel. This is only occasionally required if the installer fails to make the necessary configuration changes to Excel.
  • SmartScreen download block
    “xxxx isn’t commonly downloaded…” is a warning that might pop up when you try to download the software you just bought. This page describes how to bypass the block.

Erlang technical papers

We offer a number of technical papers that are a good starting point if you are new to using Erlang traffic models for modelling your call center or designing your telephone network: