Telecom traffic software

Telecom traffic software tools to help you design and analyse telephone networks and call centers, with licences for lifetime use and free upgrades, from just 45 US dollars.

Telecom traffic and call center software

Since launching our first product in 1996, we have become the trusted supplier of industry-standard Erlang software to the world’s largest companies and governments. Tens of thousands of customers in 125 countries across six continents rely on us for their Erlang and call center staffing software.

American Express
United Nations

Erlang add-ins for Excel

If you use Excel for your telecoms traffic and call center planning, then our two add-ins can effortlessly bring Erlang functionality into your workflow.

Our Excel add-ins are quick to install and include example calculators and tables to demonstrate their use. Using Microsoft Excel to create your modelling tools means you can tailor your workbooks to meet your exact requirements, perhaps using pivot tables, data importing, charting and conditional formatting.

Free telecom traffic calculators

You can use our free Online Telecom Traffic Calculators to work out the number of lines required in a trunk group, and to assist in call center analysis:

Online telecom traffic calculators

We offer eight online calculators that you can use now, at no cost:


Share your thoughts and exchange ideas with fellow telecom traffic and call center professionals. Search over 50,000 messages posted since 1998, covering telecommunications design, Voice over IP, call center operations and 5G Forum (AI and the Internet of Things).

Excel Boardroom

A new meeting place to share Excel tips and tricks, particularly relating to our Excel add-ins for call center and Erlang calculations. Watch tutorials and download modelling templates. Join us for a chat in the Boardroom.

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