Nine call center staffing functions for Microsoft Excel that help you model your call center performance using your own workbooks. Simple to install. Lifetime upgrades.

CC-Excel agents calculation
An example calculator to estimate staffing requirements, powered by CC-Excel

If your job is to analyse your call center’s staffing and operational performance, then CC-Excel can make life easier by adding call center functions to your workbooks. CC-Excel introduces nine Erlang call center functions to Excel for estimating staffing requirements and call handling using the Erlang C traffic model. You’ll be able to build your own Excel worksheets, with CC-Excel doing the complicated staffing calculations for you behind-the-scenes.

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CC-Excel is installed with example worksheets that your can use to analyse your call center straight away. These calculators and tables demonstrate how the functions work so you can build on them to create new workbooks to meet your own analytical requirements.

Call center Excel functions

CC-Excel installs nine functions into Excel for call center staffing and performance analysis:

Function nameDescription
CCXLAgents()Estimates the number of agents you need to handle incoming calls within specified service level parameters.
CCXLCalls()Estimates the number of calls that your inbound call center can handle within specified service level targets.
CCXLDuration()Estimates the average length call that your call center can handle.
CCXLASA()Estimates the average speed in which your center’s calls will be answered.
CCXLQueue()Estimates the average number of your inbound calls that will be queued and waiting for presentation to an agent.
CCXLOccupancy()Estimates the percentage of their time that your call center’s agents will be busy handling inbound calls.
CCXLAllBusy()Estimates the percentage of calls that will arrive while all your agents are occupied, and will therefore enter a queue.
CCXLService()Estimates the percentage of calls that will be answered within a specified service time.
CCXLLines()Estimates the number of telephone lines that are required to handle the inbound calls into your call center.

Building your own worksheets

CC-Excel’s strength is the flexibility and freedom it gives you to design workbooks that meet your exact requirements, rather than being tied to the formats and assumptions of Windows workforce management applications. With some knowledge of Excel, you can use its more advanced features such as lookup tables, conditional formatting and charting to build complex modelling tools.

CC-Excel staffing table
The staffing table installed with CC-Excel

This staffing table is included with CC-Excel in an example workbook. It is a fully working call center staffing tool that supports 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals. You can use it as-is or build on it to design your own worksheets that can be as simple or as complicated as you have the time and imagination to develop!


CC-Excel is installed with an illustrated user guide and help system. You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the software, but please check the CC-Excel FAQ first.

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