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“xxxx isn’t commonly downloaded…” is a warning that might pop up when you try to download the software you just bought. This page describes how to bypass the block.

…isn’t commonly downloaded

Windows SmartScreen is an anti-malware component included with several Microsoft products. In Edge, Microsoft’s web browser, it pops up a warning if a file you’ve started downloading is not commonly seen and, since we sell into a niche market, our software products can sometimes fall into this category.

It is usually easy to bypass this deterrent. The description below is for Microsoft Edge, but you may also see these warnings on Google Chrome, and the workaround is similar. It applies to all of our downloads, but the images here are for iccexcel.exe, the installation file for CC-Excel.

Bypassing SmartScreen

To download your software following a Windows SmartScreen “isn’t commonly downloaded” warning, hover your cursor over the warning message. Two icons will appear to its right. Click on the icon with three dots:

Windows SmartScreen

A menu will pop up below the warning message. Click Keep:

Windows SmartScreen

You will see a further warning. Click on Show more:

Windows SmartScreen

This will expand to show further options. Click on Keep anyway to confirm that you want to download the file:

Windows SmartScreen

Finally, the download will start. When it has finished, you will find the file in your Downloads folder. Run the file to start the installation process.

Windows SmartScreen

A final note

Windows SmartScreen performs an important function, protecting you from downloading viruses, malware, spyware and general digital nastiness. You should always be aware of the source of files before you download them.

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  1. Thanks for the solution provided. Now it is working, and I could be able to extract the files. I have read and noted the instruction given in the final note.

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