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call center in pakistan

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    imran chaudhary

    aoa ,
    We are interested in opening up 10-15 seat call center in Islamabad or Lahore. I have setup many call centers here in America and one of our customers is interested in opening a call center in Pakistan to save money.

    We would terminate any calls on the PTCL PSTN circuits. Basically, we will have a Gateway in America and that will receive/make calls from the agents sitting in Pakistan.

    I have few Qs.

    1) is there any call cnter license required to setup a call center in pakitan even though we are not terminating any calls on the PSTN in Pakistan and it will be only 10-15 seat and we do not need a PSTN connection in Pakistan as agent will recieve and make calls to gateway in America.

    2) What are some of the IP providers that we could use in Islamabad or Lahore? If you have already established a call center then what is your experiece and what do you recommed, Should I go with broadband(dsl, cable).

    3) Any other caveats specific to opening a call center in pakistan.



    Dear Imran,

    To my understanding there are a few requirements for a call center setup.

    1. You need a PTA license to operate a call center/VOIP. The license is free of charge. You might want to check the PTCL and PTA website for more information. To my knowledge the license/NOC from PTA is free of cost.

    2. To operate a call center you need to acquire the bandwidth from PTCL. They are offering you Full Ciruits.

    3. Only if you need to go VSAT you will need special permissions.

    I hope this helps.

    Harris Iqbal


    It is a totally different experience in setting up a call center in Pakistan as compared to US. Yes you do require a license to setup a call center in Pak. Contact PTCL for that. Seconldy, do not go with either DSL or Cable. I would recommend Clear Pipe IP or IPLC, whichever you can afford. And thirdly, do not consider setting it up in Lahore, as you will have problems in finding agents. Islamabad is a more suitable and stable place for call center agents. If you have any further questions, please post them here.

    – Harris

    Aezad Ahmad

    Hi Imran,

    I have just read your queries and your concern about seting up a Offshore Facility in Pakistan. I am sure you would check & analyise the water before you take a swim, but I would recomend that dont just keep thinking too much & just stand at the seashore, while the other take the jump & enjoy the fruits, but yet again who say, business is “RISK FREE”, so my dear, Lahore, Islamabad are the two most ideal locations for the Offshore Facility and let me add one more thing here, Lahore has the highest number of trained & experienced professionals in the country, as it is also the home to the 1st ever international call center, I have been with this industry for years now and I do understand you valid concerens & requiremenst, let me know in case you need any more ideas.Further mmore, the technology you will use should be of quality, coz when you jump of a plane, you do not buy a parachute which says “Made in Taiwan or Made in XYZ ” country, you obviously go for the brand & the credentials in the relevant fields.Now the govt duties and requirements are not that strict and can be used to onces advantages if you know the right people in the right places. There are many firms which can provide Internet to you & can easily support the VoIP.

    It will entirely depend on the kind of operations you have.

    I wish you all the best of luck.


    Aezad Ahmad

    Anwar Kazi


    I suggest that for a small center of up to 10 to 15 try co-locating with some one and once you get your legs then think and ponder going solo.


    M. A. Markatia

    Imran: aoa, I think we met in D.C. @ APSENA Meetings. i am working out the possibility of setting one up in Pakistan. We are a Telecom Carrier, here in US and have our own need for a call ctr. in Pakistan.
    Guys:Is there a good call ctr. in Karachi ?

    Aezad Ahmad

    Dear Mr.M. A. Markatia,

    Yes Karachi has number of call centers in operation, but Lahore holds the major share of the pie, as there are more trained resource and facilities avaiable here.

    Let me know incase you want any more update.

    Good luck & Regards,

    Aezad Ahmad.

    Amran Chowdhry


    Is there any resource … where PK firms can provide help to each other.


    BTW ..this is not the same imran chaudhary.. but very close

    Anwar Kazi


    I think in this small industry we should concentrate on bringing quality business and then quality execution capability to PAKISTAN. Not have a fight between Lahore and Karachi. I feel we should refrain from making comments about pros and cons of cities within Pakistan and concentrate on making this model a success overall.

    Anwar Kazi

    Aezad Ahmad

    Hi Anwar Kazi,

    I strongly agree with you & please accpet my apologies for the miss communication caused here, the only motive is to direct the whole query with as much info as possible in the direct direction, other then that I dont have any reason what so ever to mislead any one or hail one city over the other.

    I have worked in all the three major cities of Pakistan & I have learned alot from the rich culture of these cities.

    Kazi Sahib I hope I have made the whole picture clear as I dont want any one to be effected in any negative way.


    Aezad Ahmad.

    Aezad Ahmad

    Hi Amran Chowdhry,

    What do you require Amran Sahib, what kind of information & cooperation you seek.


    Aezad Ahmad

    Anwar Kazi

    Aezad Sahib:

    You certainly have cleared out the miscommunication. Thank you for your kind and prompt reply.


    Shawn Butt

    I already have an Off-Shore Development house in Lahore setup with about 10 resources. I need to add a ‘Call-Center’ facility to this mix. Currently we’re using a VONAGE box over 256K DSL and are not too happy with the choppy call quality. Is there a better option?

    Fahad Khan

    Let me just kind of wrap the discussion below.

    Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are all ideal locations for International Call Centers.

    About sharing best practices within the industry CCAP was set up and was supposed to be the forum however it is not functional at this point in time.

    PSEB and Ministry of IT and Telecom are aggressively working on ITeS and BPO companies’ standardization and quite a few training and workshops are being held; Shahid Azim-CEO of one of the largest call centers here-is responsible for influencing the Government(PSEB and Ministry) for this standardization effort.

    In Islamabad we have issues of females working in the night-they actually get better paying day time jobs-and in Lahore the situation is more flexible and in Karachi there may be no problem at all once ITeS/BPO/Contact Center culture becomes more common in Karachi.

    Attn:Shawn Butt


    I understand your problem, the answer is as simple as anything, if you can manage then to go the PTCL directly & acquire at least 512k DSL from them, there are other factor also which effect the call quality, the equipment being used at your location etc.

    If possible kindly establish your contact details for further discussion.

    Best Regards,

    Aezad Ahmad

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 103 total)
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