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call center in pakistan

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    yes Imran….read between the lines and the needful will be done…

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    Dear All,
    I need to know:

    1. Standard profit margins range for outbound and inbound per seat. Or What is the rate (in range) for US market per CSR.

    2. Secondly what generally is the total running cost per CSR per month (including salary, infrastructure, space rent etc.)

    As my location is Lahore therefore any info regarding Lahore would be more helpful.

    Myself got few a lead from US and currently weighing the build over rent options.


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    Ali Mohiuddin


    lot of fuss and descussions abt Voip

    Its real easy

    what u need is

    2 P4 both 512 ram

    10 to 20 client
    p3 800Mhz 256mb ram

    Rest is upto u go for
    Five 9
    Asterisk (I prefer this)
    U need a skilled person lik me and walla i can do the job at lowest cost and what ever bandwidth u have complete with Predictive Dialer

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    Harris Iqbal


    First learn how to spell and write. Then comment on how easy VoIP is. Using freeware downloaded solutions like Asterisks is not only unreliable but also un profitable. The results that you will obtain from Asterisk are pathetic. It has very limited outbound support and has been designed primarly as an inbound solution.

    I would highly recommend a hosted solution. There are several available.

    – Harris

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    Ali Mohiuddin

    Well Hardware based solutions are the best but for starters and people with good linux skills ill still go for asterisk.
    People lik u dont know what is carrier grade Voip equipment on the other hand some companies like ours hav our own equipment which include softswitches gw and gk and abt 100 e1s. I used Five9 in islamabad long time back i was also among the few at that time. Since than i hav been working on diff solutions and beleive me if ure a Telco lik us or u know some one who will giv u good quality outbound mins asterisk is the best thing. We are having some issues with busy tones and answering machines but inshah allah we will get thing sorted in a month or so.

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    Ali Mohiuddin

    I would recommend any one who is setting up a call center donot go to the market and buy costly and useless solution
    Best is rent out some seats with some running call center identify ure needs and dont ever go to SOB that are here marketing solutions for their companies


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    For a start you joker, mind your language and remain in limits. You are a shame to the human race, moreso to Pakistan. Blabbering on about your expertise in VoIP and Telco equipment does not prove any point. For startups, I would highly recommend a hosted call center solution until they are large enough to have one inhouse. A call center’s money making portion is telemarketing/inbound support, NOT NETWORK SUPPORT. And unlike your bullshit, I have actually worked for 4 yrs in managerial positions in call centers and represent the largest hosted call center solution provider in the world.

    I would strongly suggest to all friends here that weight all your options, consider all posibilities and decide depending on your business model and implementation plan.

    Good luck to you all.

    – Harris

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    how much a call center agent is paid?

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    Assad Amin

    Rs 15-20k\month plus incentives.

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    Syed Amjad Ali

    Like to share me views to all of you. The call centre industries are full with sales provider and as well as services provider. If you all can go on the side of software making and 3rd party software market especially in “Game Development”. That is the best also futurist prospect.

    Syed Amjad Ali

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    Unfortunately, some people setup call centers but end up shutting them down as they don’t really know how to run them. Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration. Campaigns are a major issue. Remember, what you put in is what you’ll get out. If you’ve got a call center then you better start reading in between the lines.

    Good luck.

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    hi all,
    i am setting up a call center in rawalpindi. the infrastructure is almost ready and now im looking for the technology. i m in a dilemma whether to go for manual dialing or predictive dialer.
    secondly can some one help me where can i get the accessaries for agenst like amplifiers headsets.

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    Hi Hassan,

    It depends on the type of campaign that you’ll be working on. Only then will it be feasible for you to determine if you need manual dialing or a predictive dialer. Keep in mind that for a predictive dialer you’ll be required to enter couple of hundreds if not thousands of numbers into the system. I would recommed that you go for the manual dialing initially and see how things work out and then if feel like you need a PD then you can get it installed anytime.

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)
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