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call center in pakistan

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    Yousaf Khan

    Dear Mr. Masood Haider, I appreciate your interest in setting up of a call center. To give you a brief overview, In my experience it takes as little as 10 operational seats to become profitable in the call center in dustry depending upon the type of project you have. This means that you can have upto 40 agents on staff if your require 24 hr operations. Majority of the call centers in Pakistan are concentrating on outbound telemarketing campaigns which have a higher yield compared to inbuond customer service type contracts. But a higher risk is involved because in outbound campaigns payment are directly related to number of sales made by your agents. Inbound is more stable since it focuses on long term contracts. Multiple touch points are important for call centers looking to provide inbound services. As a general rule, start with telemarketing since its easier to get contracts through brokers etc. and then move to a 60% outbound and 40% inbound split. I hope this information is helpful, for further details or to arrange a meeting, please contact me

    Yousaf Khan

    Khawaja M Zubair

    Dear Friends

    i heard little about call centers and want to enter in this field. What are the pre-requisites to get a job in call center and what is criteria and which are the institutions in Pakistan who offer job.

    Yousaf Khan

    Mr. Zubair, Its great to see you’re interested in one of Pakistan’s fastet growing IT sectors. Jobs are basically available for the taking for any individual possessing good English and preferably an accent from USA, UK or Australia. Some of the larger call centers are TRG, Touchstone Communications, Call Central, Ovex etc.


    Shauket Zia

    I have a little bit in formation about jobs in call centers. But the main problem is that from where we get the training in the Lahore City. If we compare the Karachi, the CATCOS provide the facility of training ONLY IN KARACHI. So please help me from where i get training of it.

    Mohammad Imran

    i want to setup a call cente in karachideteails are given below. kindly reply me

    What we have?
    • 50x PCs Network
    • 2x PSTN lines
    • 1x BRI line
    • 1x DSL 128K
    • 2x P-IV servers(domain controllers)

    What we want?
    Call center setup with following specification.
    • Call center will start from 2 agents and will be extended up to 10 agents
    • Any of 2-10 PCs out of above 50 PCs can act as call center agents in different timings/shifts
    Setup is needed to provide call center facility to our own company then after to our clients too.

    What you asked for?
    • What else we need other then what we have
    • What the cost would we have to pay out

    Best regard Mohammad Imran

    ayaz hussian shaikh

    Im a graduate in arts and I want to get training and job in call center field in karachi.Im unaware ofthis field that”s wy I have some quistions in my mind so please informe me about that. Iwould thankfull to you.
    my quistions are bellow.

    how can I get training and job in karachi?
    how much time would expend in training?
    how much salary could i get in frist?

    Faisal Talha

    Plz do not contact CATCOS, the CEO who has done his MIS and MPA from USA dopes not even understand the meaning of the word “Proxy”, so please do not be fooled by him.

    Punit Achria

    am interested in opening a call centre in karachi…. not really sure what service to provide
    secondly how does one go about securing contracts it better to provide services to local companies or start of looking to acquire foreign contracts
    if any one has any ideas
    and would greatly appreciate any and all feedback


    Azhar Rashid

    Want to set up a call centre in Islamabad.Can anyone advise on the financial and other related aspects?

    Akbar Ali Ch

    Want to set up a call centre in Lahore.Can anyone advise on the financial and other related aspects?


    Hi Aezaad Ahmed:

    I had established my contact details a while ago but hasnt heard from you. Please can you contact me, by looking my contact info in another thread. Thank you.



    hi! i’m a graduate in journalism…from lahore….in need of job in a call centre…im not totally blank about call centres…i do have some idea about the call centres working for the states….i just wanna knw about call cantres in lhr who need call agents

    Muqbil Khawaja

    Well i have worked in an inbound call center for like 11 months now and now i intend to start a call center is lahore, i have an investment upto 6000 k So i want to get someone information about how to Find a client who is willing to outsource the project here in pakistan, is their an organization that i have to contact or what. so i am really concerened about this and seriously want to persue.. so anyone having information about it , please let me know ..


    For call center setup you will need some softwares which can automate the whole Inbound/Outbound calling process. It will save your time as well as cost.
    You can choose from the softwares like.. Predictive Dialer, automated callcenter software, PBX systems etc.
    For your knowledge…
    Predictive dialer is PC based dialogic predictive dialing solutions including call center software.
    automated callcenter software with Answering Machine Detection and Automated Attendant with Call transfer features built into one software package.
    Similarly other softwares can help you. You can choose acc. to your need…
    I can tell you one source which i have refered when i setted up the call center i.e
    I hope it help…

    faheem:Azhar rashid

    AoA Azhar
    well i’m also opening a call center in islamabad ,if i can help u in any regard you can message me ,we both can share each other experience and knowlede
    hope this works
    hope to hear from you

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 103 total)
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