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certiffied voice and accent training

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    I am looking for American accent trainer in Pune to train my developers. I would like to give daily 1 hour training to my staff in my office. This training not intended for call center but to make our staff to be able to speak to our clients during voice conference.

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    I Could learn some english words by reading all of your messages. Thanks for posting and please keep posting some good vocubalries as I have assumed it as strongest thing in any language where one should be able to recollect the voculabries while speaking… other grammatical stuf could be managed by reading some good grammer books


    hi all
    I am a V&A trainer in chennai, i’m trying to collate material for giving a comprehensive and effective coverage, could anybody suggest what all topics i need to cover other than pronunciation, intonation, etc.

    imran momin

    Please help me define what are the objectives of Voice and Accent in a call center. & is there any trainers to improve my english.please

    Rachna singh

    hi all,
    i am working as voice and accent and softskills trainer for the past 2 years in a international call center in delhi.
    i personally feel if one wants to learn english, spoken or written british council is the best place to go.
    as far as american voice and accent is concerned one needs a lot of practice with consonant and vowel sounds,syllable,syllable stress,pronunciation,intonation and liasioning of words.

    one can search on net for these topics and take help from people working in call centers.

    please feel free to ask any question related to v&a and softskills.



    I want to join a call center but since I am educated in vernacular language I feel my spoken English skills and accent is somewhat not up to the mark. I would like to know whether there any institutes or private tutions for improving and polishing my language skills in Mumbai. If any one has a clue please inform me.

    Rachna Singh

    I would suggest,start reading english newspapers and if possible listen to news(radio or TV)in your language and then in english ,this will be a good way to start with.

    Initially start using english words and then short sentences while conversing.Do it bit by bit.

    It takes time to master a language,dont expect overnight results.


    Is there someone offering a personalized spoken english tution at Bangalore or an institute offering short term spoken english tution?


    i m a house wife. im M.A. (English) from rohtak university.i can not speak & understand english very well. thatswhy i can not talk to anybody.plz suggest me the better course through which i can learn english &i could improve my personalty.


    Sats, comprehensive & effective coverage of WHAT ?? u appear 2 know abt V& A(which u must as a trainer urself ) so, do u mean skills etc requird by Cl-center agents ? IF SO,
    MAYBE how 2 keep one’s health working against th clock[TH SECURITY GUARD OUTSOURCED BY A CALL-CENTER FROM AN AGENCY IS TRAIND BY AN EX-COP/ EX SOLDIER — HE KNOWS , BuT GRADUATES IN tech-support dont–cause 4 cncern !! ], NLP(4 outbound agents , choicy examples on how apparently immaterial differences in choice o words can make all t difference 2 an U.S customer—FOR INBOUND AGENTS, THAT; ,– i dont know how 2 communicate in a book how VOICE, not accent —VARIATIONS IN TONE i mean, combined with choice o wrds can make an universe of difference, appreciating that not all rude customers r mean at heart — & where not, how 2 turn them round etc !!(ps– culture modules perhaps )


    hey RACHNA
    i am doing my engineering. and i want to sport a british accent with likes of yorkshire dialect …… like the guy who speaks in a film secret garden… anyways people i m lookin forward for ur suggestions


    i understand english but i cannot speak fluently with others. pls. advice me regarding this


    Hello All,

    just i wanna known the best institute for spoken english training in chennai .

    Manoj Sahu


    I’d like to know if there is any institute providing voice and accent training in bangalore.(Rajajinagar area) I want to develop it in 7days, is it possible?



    Hi All

    I understand english but i cannot speak fluently with others. pls. advice me regarding this.
    how can i speak easy in english?

    how can i attend the interview in ansering wise?.
    Any english center in near indiranagar(bangalore)pls inform me.with minimum fees.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 144 total)
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