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certiffied voice and accent training

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    Anita Cabral

    Greetings everyone,

    If you want to practice to speak well and improve your english so that the american can understand you here are a few easy tips
    1)watch tv channels like cnn,bbc and serials like friends check out the pronunciations and make a note of them
    2)read a lot of books aloud
    3)and practice reading infront of the mirror
    4)have patience and you will definately improve


    Kamran Bhatti


    I am from Uk,I am doing MBA, Recently i am working on one of my assignment which topic is JObs movement to India,

    I need to know that what are commono problems in call centrs and how managers tries to overcome on those problems,

    Can any one help me please by giving just few points ,I ,ll be thankful to you all.

    Rana Adeel

    Well i personally dont think anyone needs serious courses in accent nuetralization to improve ones english accent. I think interaction with native english speakers is definitley the key.

    Watching major hollywood blockbuster films is also is another alternative but one fact wchich almost every one neglects is ” Subtitles ” having english subtitles does a whole lot of difference. You not only see the text, but in the mean time you also develope proper pronunciation. Making recording s of ur voice in english and listening to them is another idea well worth investing some free time in.

    i would say voice chat in some american rooms…interacting with local american on the web is another very good way to improve ones accent. It is not only an interesting experience but very very helpful too. As it has been my personal experience.

    I think in general most people do have usually a vague idea of how proper american speaks. Watching cnn has already been recomended by most people. I would take the mornings newspaper and try to read it in a way a way that a normal cnn reporter reads. You can actually feel the difference after spending 2 hours on cnn every other day. These other measures are usually very interesting and usually results are very good. One can know his progress by web talking with americans on chat and see if they can tell the difference that u are a Foreigner or not.

    Ofcourse there is the fact that proper courses will help a lot. But every little bit makes a huge difference

    Just my humble opinion.



    hi friends,my name is sayeed.i have finished my graduation english is very weak.i can understand english very well.but i face problem only in talking,i dont have fluency in english.can anybody suggest me how can i improw my english.ill be very thankful to them.

    Vikram Badhwar

    Accent Neutralisation may not be required. If we can speak Standard English i.e language based on physicality of sound, we should be on the right track. It is easy to look at language from a physical perspective as it makes learning more simple….



    I hope i get my answer here.. I’ve worked as a Voice and accent trianer and looking forward to a certification in US Accent and Accent neutralization. Are there any speicialised courses for Accent neutralization. If yes then please do suggest some insitutes wihc provide these certifications and that too in Pune.

    Thank you,


    hi vaishali
    thats not the prob,u just try searching google,just type courses for Accent neutralization in u will get the results same time,if there is any such course over there then u will be get to know…byee

    Harris Iqbal

    TO an extent, it is not easy to “learn” an american accent. However, a neutral accent is good enough most of the times. As long as you are fluent and conversant with the customer, all should be okay. Concentrate more on the enlgish you speak rather than the accent, because more often than not, it is the english that lets people down.


    Hi Raj,

    I’ve already tried on that site but there are no such institutes which provide a standard certification on accent training.

    I just need certification of a trainer coz this is what is been asked in most of the call cnetres whn i go for an interview for the post of voice n accent trainer.



    Hi all

    When u try and use an american accent, make sure u follow their intonation part as well. American intonation is simple. The kep is to stress only on the most imp words in the sentence. Those are the verb or the noun.
    Ex: DAVID called me.
    he CALLED me.(CAps stresed)
    Stretch ur vowel sounds (unlike the british pornunciation where they are more or less contricted)
    Be sure about the plosive sounds as well.

    Gosh , This looks like a feedback i am giving to an agent!!!

    vivek karande

    please let me know any good book or CD on improving neutral accent

    Vivek Karande

    Vivek, i’m a Trainer in one of Bangalore’s oldest Training centers, and i do realize that most of us are under the MIS-CONCEPTION that books and c.d’s will do the trick!-but NO. plz take time to practice, and anyone who would like to learn english plz feel free to mail me


    i am accessing this forum for the first time. I am a pre-sales consultant in one of the blue chip mnc’s. sinther my job requires a lot of telephonic interactions with clients i would like to get myself groomed to their way of speaking. I would like to know where in bangalore accent training is available.

    hope i get my answer asap.

    Mrs.P. V

    Hi, I’m an experienced accent trainer ,having worked for 3 years in various MNC’s in Bangalore.If you have any specific questions on the importance of communication , accent neutralisation and why the current churn out of “trained candidates” are unable to speak well, do contact me.


    Hi, everyone, my name is Adam, and i am a voice and accent Trainer in Bangalore’s oldest Training center.
    Any queries about the subject plz contact me.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 144 total)
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