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certiffied voice and accent training

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    A couple of questions before I answer. Have you ever had any V&A training before? A lot of companies train their HR teams to listen for specific grammar and pronunciation warnings. You said your spoken issue is fine. Well then go for it. Don’t use the accent. Most companies will train you n V&A. You could also do mock interviews with friends using the accent so you can get more comfortable.
    But be careful with the accent. Only use it if you have been trained on it. Remember a little knowledge can be more dangerous then no knowledge. Good luck!

    damn english

    I reckon accent does matter when it comes to sell a product over telephone. I had a call from a call centre in india, the salesman’s accent wasn’t good enough and he pronounced “HURSTVILLE” as “hoorst” “vee” ” lee” rather it had to be pronounced as “hast” “will”. At that moment i felt like indian accent couldn’t be this bad. I think call centre jobs should be given to those aspirants who are having good accent. Believe me it makes a lot of difference when it comes down to selling a product overseas.


    I would like to ask something?

    Which is correct title?

    English Accent Neutralization


    American Accent Neutralization


    Neither. You have spelt “Neutralisation” wrong.


    you could try ISEC International Students Education Council its in kormangala, I am from North east and due to my heavy MTI i got rejected a total of 11 interviews atlast i went for training with ISEC and day before yesterday i got my job. I am very happy with them.


    Till such time you join an institute you could purchase a V/A training kit designed by Ann Cook that consists of a trgn module & 5 CD’s…. It costs Rs1850/- and is very useful…

    jitendra Barik

    I had given an interview with a BPO company in Financial Service.
    They have taken my interview in two field. First one with Functional and operational topic and in had succed. Secondly they had taken my communication skill and english speaking interview. but in had failed with good conversation and fluency. There is a weak with communication skill which expalining any topic.

    Pl. suggest and guide me.

    Thanking You

    manish kumar singh

    hello friends want to join call center here are the tips
    1–remove hesitation it will get you on top
    2–watch english channel and try to understand the words and it is not a one day affair you have to practice alot
    3watch cnbc
    4Try to talk with your friends in english on phone
    5 Try to do mock calls in america or britain and try to talk with them and see that ur understanding their accent but do it occasionally it will cost around 20 to 30 rs
    6 dont become nervous try to think
    that there are thousand of companies not matter if they not selected you if not in this than in that. one thing you will gain that the problem where u r lacking
    that is very valuable because the people who take the interview are very expert.


    i want to take up a class in spoken english ,plz can u refer me any center in chennai.

Viewing 9 posts - 136 through 144 (of 144 total)
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