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certiffied voice and accent training

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    Sir I am shorlisted by one of the BPO in week time they would call me for training but before that training I want to improve my skills and english
    Could u plz refer me the free website or software
    Thanks & rgds


    T M Malik

    I think the best way to learn english is that watch lots of english films and then when you think………..think in english
    just try thinking in english and you will great results.

    damn english

    But i think watching mother tongue DVD’s with english subtitles gives a better grip over english as we r accoustomed to speak our mother tongue . when we speak english we do tend to put our ideas and if we couldn’t find a word with a simillar meaning to the word we use in our mother tongue then we pause and think’s of a word closely related to it and this thing makes us to speak like freak. So watch DVD’d and these inturn help us in building grammer and makes us comfortable and confident with english .

    Rachna singh

    hi Abrar,
    congratulations!! on being selected. Its good that u want to improve ur language skills,by reading ur msg,I wud like to advice u to improve upon ur grammer- e.g -I’m shortlisted should be “I have been shortlisted”.
    I’m a V&A trainer and if u need any help,plz. feel free to ask I m sure ur trainer will take care.

    damn english

    On the other day i had a call from call-center and that guy was speaking like a freak with his mother tongue accent. He often used the word “sir”, this thing annoys the english people. Instead of “sir” he could have used the word “mate”. I think everyone who’s going for a call center interview should learn to say “mate”. “Mate” is pronounced as “meyt”. Good luck in u r interviews and dont forget to say “cheese mate” for thank you.


    Hi Rachna, U mentioned you are a V&A Trainer. Can you pls advise on what certifications you got (and from where) before you became a trainer? Thanks


    There is no need for any certfication to be a voice n accent trainer.
    If u have strong grammer concepts, n know how to present urself in a comprehendable manner,,,,u r all set to go.
    the first n foremost is u shud know how to pronounce words properly.If we miss out on pronounciation, the fun of commnicationis
    if a person living in rural area says sakool to school….the other person wud surely give a bad face to it.
    We shud also have medim rate of speech.Generally its accepted between 110-140 wpm.If we speak crisp n clear, even if we speak
    I think soft skills are all about how u deal wid people n present urself.Proactive listening is utmost imp.if we dun understand wat the other person is saying…then the commmuncation is void.we have to have empathy in our daily life as well.Empathy is understanding the issue n present an alternative.

    Ramesh Muthu


    The same problem,above all they had mentioned their knowledge and skill development in spoken English American Accent / standard..where I can get proper coaching class at chennai – Near Adyar, T.Nagar Area.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramesh Muthu


    I’m having problem in speaking english fluently.I’m forgetting the right words as where to put during talking

    damn english

    hi, people
    I know what u r problem is. I think u r not confident and u r focusing on vocabulary. The bottom line is written english is different from spoken english. Spoken english has to be simple and the words should represent what u r thinking. I know u have been studying english since u were a child and I hope that
    my advice would help u. First of all correct u r grammar. A person can be confident if and only if he is good in grammar. I think u have to master grammar first, then go for vocabulary. In grammar u have to concentrate on tenses specially the past tense ,present perfect and past perfect. once u r done with it go for the auxillary verb ” would”, learn when to use it and do learn about how to tell a story for instance if u r talking about a movie story then it has to be told in present tense and if u r talking about the thing happened to u or to u r friend or as a matter of fact real stories then u have to use past tense. if u r done with these things i think u would be having enough confidence to proceed. Now for the fluency part, u have to be clear of what u trying to convey and once u r clear what to say then the words come out automatically. I know its the mentality of my fellow mates to use strong vocabulary in order to prove supremacy but i think spoken english has to be as simple as possible and i figuered it out of my experience in australia. If fluency is associated with speed then i say its a delusion. If a person speaks faster than normal then it looks like that person is reading and ocassionaly called as “motor mouth” . I think the speed has to like those of news readers. bye for now.

    M. ramesh



    I want to learn Spoken English. I am facing lot of problems while communicating in English. I want to improve upon my english skills by sitting in home ( through CDS ). Is there any good coaching centres(both free and paid courses) in or around Warangal- ( hyderabad )
    Please give me some good pointers


    please tell me how get confindence while giving interviews even though i have good english but i m unable to face interviews.
    please advice


    hi buddy

    Simple solution for u don’t look at the interviewer’s eyes ….while talking focus on his/her forehead.

    That would give u confidence to speak up and he would think u looking at him/her

    Do some mock exercise in front of mirror or even while taking bath 🙂

    second thing always work in my case ;=)
    hope it’ll help u



    I saw a lot of you guys asking about interviews and help with your English. I agree with ‘damn english’. Spoken English is different than written English. In an interview you need to be careful not to get your tenses confused. However please don’t say ‘cheese mate,’ try cheers mate, however in a formal interview, maybe not. For example ‘I am having very good English.’ This is a common Indianism. Try, ‘I speak English well.’ Interviewers (including me!) Ask a lot of basic questions during an interview. Go through them with a friend (one who has a job in an international call center). Most ask questions like, what do you do in your spare time, why do you think you would make a good agent; tell us about yourself, etc.
    Along with grammar you also need to watch your vowel and consonant sounds. For Example, the word ‘opinion’ phonetically is said uh-pin-yin, with stress on the ‘pin\ syllable. We tend to say uh-peen – yin. Again another common Indianism.
    Watch as much of Star World, HBO and Star Movies as you want. Go through to some slang websites and browse through them.
    But most of all, believe in yourself!

    FYI – Moved to India 6 years ago from the US. Worked as a US V&A Trainer for 5 years at an international call center in Mumbai India, where I got promoted to Manager Training. I now work as a consultant based out of Pune


    hi ,
    i can speak good english without accent but when i put on my accent i face loss of words
    what should i do???

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 144 total)
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