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certiffied voice and accent training

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    I wanted to get into Call Centers but my lack of English was preventing me. I attended a month of fluency courses at skillsmartz (in Chennai) – they have a few Americans who come in and teach so I also got some American accent learning just by listening to the fluency course. It helped me a lot. I went to lots of places to check on things but most places just want to make money. I didn’t feel that way even though the course was a little too much cost. They also helped get me placed – I just liked the place a lot, a very comfortable but small learning environment. They have a website but it’s always better to speak in person.



    Please let me know of any accent neutralization classes in BANGALORE.

    I am a bengali having good command on written english but spoken english is damned. Additionally if the course includes polishing on business english, stylish slangs and idioms it would be a great.

    Thanks in advance!

    rachna singh

    Hi Elvis,
    you can post your resume on job sites like and jobsahead.

    make changes in your cv if necessary to show that you are suitable for a voice and accent trainer’s job, do some research and see what are the requirements and then apply for a job.

    by the way i am a V&A trainer myself.
    best of luck!

    Sweety Sethi

    One of the most critical parameters to be taken care of when it comes to accent, is Clarity in speech which can only be attained by trying and speaking with one’s mouth wide open. Cicely Berry excercise is something that can work for most.


    Can you give me the website for Skillsmartz. Lemme try this place.

    bimal choudhury


    I’d like to know if there is any institute providing certified voice and accent training in kolkata

    Dipankar Majumder


    I would like to join such Spoken English & Personality Development Class…
    So will u plz help me to find such good Center in Kolkata.. awaiting for ur reply…

    syed moid uddin hashmi

    hello everybody…….. i m Moid from hyderabad…………my problem is i cannot speak english very well……… plz give me a suggestion what should i do ………….. plz i want to improve my skills ………..bye


    Hi, I am a Software Engineer working in chennai.Looking for a American Accent Trainer to teach me the US Accent including Neutral Accent.Friends Please let me know if you know someone American or some company which is having Americans as the trainers in chennai.

    md nafees siddiqui

    the call center training/customer care institute in kolkata


    Dear sir

    this is raja chennai my problem is i cannot speak english very well plz give me a suggestion what should i do plz i want to improve my skills.



    sai ram

    English center -Bangalore has some good traineres
    Check out for that.


    Hi! Can someone guide me on the certifications required to become a voice and accent trainer? Would also need the names of the institutes for this in Delhi. (Background: My spoken English is perfect and have been working for 15 years. Would like to change my line from HR/ Admin.) Thanks



    Can I have the name of any software that will assist in guaging the voice and accent of an individual as per US specifications for a call centre ?

    damn english

    Hello people,
    I know that many of us here r willing to speak english well. People try to learn u r self,donot waste u r hard earned money for simple cause. I am born indian but residing in Australia. There are many free sites which can teach u how to be fluent in english. I will give u few tips. First improve u r vocabulary. U can do it by watching u r mother tongue movies with english subtitles. Once u feel comfortable with the words used, then go for sentence formations. When to use different tenses etc. Once u feel comfortable with this then u go for accent building. If u really want to know how speak like native english speaker then u have to first try speaking from u r throat, not from u r mouth as most of the indian do. U can do this by speaking with u r jaws r clinged.U r throat may be soar for few days but later u get accustomed to it.Once u feel comfortable with it then u try recording u r voice in a recording device and listen to it. keep practising this way and u will definitely sound like an european. I am not going to comment about accent as u can choose any one from many different accents available. for instance we can find atleast 10 different accents spoken in a small country like britain and more than 20 in America; so donot panic, I bet once u practice this u will sound like an english native speaker. Last but not least have trust in u r self. Most indians study in english medium, think of it that u had studied in english medium from u r childhood days till graduation, thats almost 16 years of education in english medium and its not at all fair to say that u dont know english at the end of the day. E-mail me if u want to know anything else about it.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 144 total)
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