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certiffied voice and accent training

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    rachna singh

    Now that you know about the telephonic round,you should first
    practise at home.
    there are comman questions that are asked in any interview,like-

    your introduction,why do u want to join the call center industry and so on.

    It is very important to make a good impression on the listner in the first few mins.
    you need to sound confident and the key to it is -BE YOURSELF.

    dont get nervous,speak as if you are speaking with someone you know

    alphonso ghosh

    i have gone through two interviews but i was not selected in the call centre. my mother tongue is english but my friends catch my mistake.
    i cant pronounce some word in the good sense. i was nervous & spoke too less in the first round of the interview.
    i am handicapped but normal person.i can do all sort of works. im in final year of gradutation.
    my conversation with people is too short. i talk to the point.
    but i have friendly quality

    rachna singh

    It is not necessary that you get selected in your first or second interview,people often give many interviews before getting selected.

    You should not let this experience go waste,learn from it.
    Pay attention to the kind of questions asked and answer accordingly.

    for e.g -you are asked to speak about yourself.
    Just ur name and educational qualification wont suffice.You should include other things as well in your introduction depending on whether you are a fresher or not.Like – ur qualities ur hobbies ur work ex.(if any) and relate them to the job’srequirement.

    If you listen carefully everybody will have almost the same thing to say the diffrence lies in the way one presents it.
    Remember you are there to sell your skills,you have to market them the best possible manner.

    In my opioion keep giving interviews,if not selected ask for the reason/s and improve upon it.

    For prounciation errors write down the words you make mistakes with and listen to the correct prounciation. Take one word at a time.



    I am trying to learn more about language neutralization courses for call centers. I have a couple of questions.
    What is the typical length of a language neutralization course?
    Would such a course include cultural sensitivity training or would that piece be delivered on a separate curriculm?


    Hi ,
    Are there any classess in Bangalore, In Indira Nagar Area, which has a structured English speaking programme who can guarantee to improve a person English fluency after attending it for specific duration. If yes, where can I get the addresses of such course?

    I would like to improve the conversation for interviews, public speaking, and to hadle the foreign customer.I can write english well, but cannot speak fluently.. Can anybody guide me to get help in improving the flunecy?


    sumit bishwas

    Sir,i ave a problem of MTI suggest


    how r u.. iam workin as voice & accent trainer with akiko callnet since may 2005, but i am preety eager to know about the certifications for trainers. if any one is aware of them plz let me know


    Will you please explain me what are the basic qualities / experience I should have to work in a call centre. My present work includes Secretarial practices and making kitchen designs (in Excel). I have good knowledge in MS Office.

    Is there any age restrictions… to work in Call Centres….

    I will be grateful for your reply.

    Thanking you,

    Sincerely yours,


    its very common phenomenon thatwe all have some inhibitions in ourselves,the only way to overcome it is to do what u feel is ur inhibition.practise more and more.good luck


    i want to improve my english.
    i was studied in tamil medium,
    so, i can’t communicate to others.
    now iam looking for a job. but i can’t speak in english. so please give a suggestion for me.


    we require a accent trainer, will be paid well, but he/she should be foreigner, american will be great ,
    guys pls help on the same….. very urgent…….



    how can i develope my profiency
    n how can i develope my personality?!!!!!!
    i kindly req u to
    giv me a procedure to develpoe

    vikram joshi

    Hey guyes, just chill out…
    Just watch BBC and practice reading books very loud…
    giv ur neighbour an earplug and go mad…


    how can i improve my english


    Hey there,

    I’m an American looking for work as an accent/voice trainer in Bangalore or possibly other cities in India. Can anyone suggest where to look for openings and how best to advertise myself?



Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 144 total)
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