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Quintum 800

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    is there anyway to make calls from quintum to quintum without incurring costs of pstn , both quintum are on static iP

    Noname to Inmram

    Plug a phone or phone equipment on the PBX ports on each end.
    Call from one quintum to the other by dialing the number asociated with the PBX ports.

    If you need help setting up those, give a e-mail

    Not a offer for comercial services



    I am using the Quintum (Tenor 8) analog. I wonder if anyone know how to config from command line. My config is:

    phone1—< Tenor >—-internet—- Gateway—


    hi all,,
    can u help me with this…pls
    i have 8 E1’s and i want to send traffic on it but how ?
    is their a software ? or a manual to help me with commands ?
    by the way i have quintum and cisco gatway (full cisco equp.)..
    can u help me pls.
    thanx in advance


    Dear All, Can anyone help me to configure Tenor Analog A800 Multipath Switch – 8 ports .

    Phone1—>PBX port (Quintum GW) —->my router—->voip GW .

    I’m able to communicate with the device through webbrowser .I want to make outgoing calls.


    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi Pavan,

    If you want to do anything useful with your Quintum, for example set up routes etc. you will need to communicate with the unit via telnet, the Command Line Interface.

    There are a couple of ways to send calls from the PBX ports to a certain number (depending on what you are trying to achieve).

    If the number is reached through another gateway you need to set up a route on your Quintum. You can do this in the “be” section of the CLI under config. Set your self up a static route to the gateway desired for that number. For example, if I wanted to route telephone number 1 234 567 to IP address I would do the following:

    At the Quintum prompt type:
    > co be sroute 1
    (assuming you don’t already have a static route numbered 1).

    Then type:
    > callsig
    > dn 1 1234567 0 0 2

    This will send any calls with a dn=1234567 to IP with a priority of 2.

    Obviously you need to set up the rest of your gateways other features but this should give you a head start.

    Hope it helps.



    Hello Mat,

    You seem to have time to post on this forum but don’t have the time to reply to my emails or to respond to me on MSN. You don’t even have the courtesy to tell me that you are on vacation. What’s worst is that you received my money went on vacation and left my order hanging after I told you how urgent this was. Its a good thing I call your office this moring to find out all that. One week is gone since you received my money and not one had the decency to confirm.

    When I spoke to you monday on MSN to promised to ship the quintum to me that same afternoon. Remember? I even asked if that would be possible since it was gone past 5PM. You said that you are close to the airport so you can ship using my DHL account after hours. In’t that so?

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    And as you weren’t around to deal with me OR maybe because I may not be as important as you may think, Rob took it upon himself to “try” to find you, but couldn’t so I was put on hold until he can find you to hear what you have to say about the matter. I received an email later today saying that you will ship the quintum next week..when next week Mat? I told me monday that you will ship it later that same day, so what seems to be the hold up? You have my money..You said you have them in stock..You said your company is one of the biggest suppliers of Voip hardware..You are the Managing Director of the company.

    Anyway, if I don’t receive the quintum by Monday 3, May you and you company (Blue Lava will have to compensate me for lost of income.



    Dear All, I want to setup my Tenor Analog A800 Multipath Switch – 8 ports in following way.

    Phone1—>PBX port (Quintum GW) —->my router—->voip GW (CISCO).

    I want to make outgoing calls. Please help me



    Dear all,

    I have a Tenor A800. I want to make outgoing call from my tenor with PBX and PSTN line. Our service provider gave us one prefix number and one ip address to configure our tenor. I have tried many way. But I can’t make it. So I am looking for help and if any one can give me a configuration file for the setup then I would be glad. My setup is:

    — < Internet > — < CISCO GW >


    Outgoing calls

    you have only enough resources to make 8 outgoing calls from the PBX port.
    The PSTN port is for incoming VOIP connecting to the PSTN or passthru from PBX port to PSTN.
    Briefly, you only can make or received 8 calls simultaneously.


    Saul Bejarano


    Prince, the setup is very easy if you have static I.P. address on the Quintum.
    If you want a BASIC setup (good enought to make calls to ONE provider,or ONE static route)I could do it for you.
    That is no billing, no radius. Just make it make calls from the PBX ports to your provider.
    Just a free service to the ones staring with Quintum.
    I will need access to the unit, via Telnet.

    Just write to

    Best regards.


    HI Guys

    do you know or have heard of any device which can block certain calls coming to our gateway and allow only calls starting with particular numbers for e.g it should block calls starting from 2,5,6 and allow all calls starting from 3,4,7,9 etc, all this should happen before the call is passed on to the quintum gateway.

    We are using the below config to connect pstn calls to our quintum

    Calls come to cellsocket and then from cellsocket we have connected a RJ-11 cable to the PSTN ports of the quintum.



    Hi Imran,

    The quintum A800 can do the prefix screening you wanted. You can define this in the PSTN Trunk Group LAM patterns.

    The only external device I can think of that can do prefix screening before it reaches your quintum gateway is a gatekeeper. The Tenor Gatekeeper can do this by configuring static routes.

    Or maybe you can ask your traffic source to do the prefix screening for you.




    Those who are not experienced configuring of Quintum (both analog and digital)/cisco units for various voip applications and specially located in Bangladesh or asia pacific region , could contact me. I could configure them right. It’s a paid service definately.


    How can i made my 8 port Analog quintum to use as a gatekeeper ?

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 205 total)
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