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Quintum 800

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    I am not sure you will find any information on the border element. It is supposed to represent a master gatekeeper in a large network. Quintum does use the BE as such.


    ..something about SIP, H323, MEGACO and H248?..i have to study this protocols and i would find some very simple and clear document…thanks


    always if i want to loggin in fakerstown there stands “unable to connect you may be behind a firewall.” what do i need to do???

    plz help ty


    Greetings!! I need help to configure a TENOR A800, Actually I´ve never worked with one of this before!! so it´s my first time, The Radius and IVR are working find, but I do not know how I configure to redirect PSTN CALLS to the Net and, How I do to let know remotes to know how to reach the Quintum, actually it´s my first tyme on VoIP technology so I would Apreciate any help!!

    Solution: Do not register the remote/changing gateways to the gatekeeper. Instead, point the remote gateways to the border element of the one that is on a static I.P. address.
    Advantages: 1)There is no limit on the ammount of gateways that you send information to a border element.
    2)Seems to work a lot better, specially whent the remote gateways are on PPOE.(Do not ask why, I do not know, I just noticed it).

    I have three gateways working that way right now, and I am impresed. Not a single one of them failed to report to the border element after a change of I.P. address in over a week!!!!!

    I never saw any of my quintums on remote sites go this long without a need for a reset or power down.

    in order to see the I.P. of the remotes, go to the prompt and type :
    gk table.

    Go to the remote gateways and put the I.P. of the “master” or gateway on static I.P. address under “border element 0”

    Do not enter anything on the gatekeeper field of the remotes.

    Warning: By these settings, the remotes will “learn” the static I.P. routes of the master, and try to contact them directly. If you have static routes defined on the gateway that you are using as a border element, the remotes will “learn” the routes.



    I am working with Quintum A800…my problem is low ACD(my ASR is fine)…pls. let me know what parameters I should fine tune on the GW.

    thnx in advance.


    hi mike,i knew you have a a800 quintum manual, kindly send a copy to my email,,thanks in advance


    Hey i need ur help. I am new to voice and I need to configure quintum A800 to work with a net2phone account.I have gathered documentation on A800 but I dont know how to input the net2phone accounts and parameters. According to the net2phone site the equipment supports it, but on getting to the CLI, I get completely lost. The Web GUI is no help either. Please this is an SOS call. Thanks.


    i need Quintum Ax series latest version software

    Tom Howard

    Go to for the latest firmware.


    how to configer throo internet talk to other country.


    Hi There !

    I have recently upgraded Quintum A 800 to SIP protocol, now when I make call all is okay but the person I am calling his phone doesn’t ring, he answers without I hear any ringing. Anyone can help please?

    And I would like to know how I can configure Quintum to route IP CALL to IVR.

    I would be so appreciative if anyone helps me.


    How can I use Static IP for my Tenor (Quintum AX) when it is connected throw the Router? If I need to configure Router how I could do it. I Router is ORIGO. Instate of Router how I can connect my Tenor to the Broadband internet line.
    Please reply me. I really appreciate your help

    naveed sharif

    Dear voip experts!
    i am trying to configure my quintum AS 400 series as fxs but i am not able anyone how has this idea plz send me configuration for this on my this email



    hello every body,
    i want to configure audiocodes mp-108 fxo with h323 protocol please help me to configure if you have any document please send me my mail id


    Hi dear,

    How i configer quintum gateway A400/A800 for voip.

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 205 total)
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