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Quintum 800

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    You have been A200ized. That box is a pain on the …… Quintum should be releasing a new piece of equipment that replaces that nightmare. You may be able to get a replacement for little money and returning the A200 to Quintum.
    It is worth a try.

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    could someone point me out where I could find some docs on Quintum A800 on which i’m connecting an analog phone to connect to a softphone ( like netmeeting) .

    How do I dial an IP address on my normal phone that is connectedt to the quintum A800. What are the settings required.

    Please emmail me :

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    You will have to create a static route under Border Element and there you map IP to a calling party number, then when this number gets dialed on your phone Tenor will route it over IP to a address specified.You can’t dial an IP address on your phone connected to a A800.

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    pejman eslami

    i have quintum D3200 in IRAN,only with System Software Version p4-1-15 tenor work correctly, but i lose this version and it isn’t in quintum site , how can i get p4-1-15 ?

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    I am looking for H.323 client (software cleint) that supports H.245 tunneling. any idea?

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    We have the A400 connected on a private LAN ( with an DHCP server ( on the router but the a400 does not take the dhcp server at all and is n not able to take any IP from the dhcp server. Can u suggest what to do?

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    you have to assign the IP manually…I got it to work w/no problem…

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    I am trying to configure a Quintum Tenor for VOIP but is my first time, somebudy could send me a email with step by step configuration.


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    Blue Lava

    If you’re looking to configure the Quintum A or D series to do anything useful the first thing to do is throw away the Quintum manual. The second thing is to forget the GUI browser interface – nothing useful can be done from here.
    To make things really simple ask someone for a working configuration. This can be done simply by running a telnet session to the working gateway, logging in, and then typing:
    > co [return]
    > print [return]

    This will print out the whole configuration.

    I can supply you with a couple of working config’s if you need them – one for Cisco inter-op and one for NetMeeting.

    This will get you up and running quickly – after this spend some time learning the Command Line Interface (CLI).

    Hope this helps.

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    Bluelava, how can I get a config file for A800?

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    I have a sample configuration with A400.

    It is the same than the A800, less ports.

    Total agreement with blue lava. Do not even try the GUI. Nothing but outdated software.

    If anyone wants the sample configuration of the A400 write to mike3799@yahoo,and I will send it.

    Best regards!!!!!

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    Write to me
    and i can give you the configure of quintum a800

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    We would like to configure Quintum Tenor A800 to talk with Cisco ATA VoIP Box.

    Cisco Box is configured and connected phone instrumet directly.

    I have configured the Quintum Box’s sroute with Cisco IP.

    From the Cisco Box I am able to dial Quintum.

    But if I dial from Quintum to Cisco box it is giving engage tone (I dont want to dial PSTN line).

    Please advice on this issue.

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    Shaikh Amir


    well there are same number of ports on both A400 and A800 please confirm that how can we configure 8 connections on A800 with pbx or pstn.


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    Rey A

    Good day.

    I have a Quintum d3200 and would like to know how to configure it to originate calls to another voip gateway. Need to know how to do it from pstntg and pbxtg with the unit as border element itself.

    Will appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance.

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