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Quintum 800

  • This topic has 204 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 16 years ago by Rabin Manandhar.
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    Mikem to Ima

    Well, I thought it was implied. If you want to make a call from the A800 you need to either have a phone connected to one of the pbx ports of a800 or a phone line to the pstn port of a800. Then you would make a call using either the phone or calling in from the phone line. Of course you need to configure the a800 to route the call correctly and you want to make sure that the voip phone supports h323.



    Dear All,
    i have 2 quintum Tenor AS400 boxes,my company have 2 branches, in amman and london, we need to install these boxes in those 2 branches, i configured the 2 tenor boxes to make local dialing using the FXS ports, but what i am facing is that i am not able to oprate 4 extensions, since this box support 4 extensions on FXS ports using the provided RJ11 spillter cable..can you help me in this, i wana know how can i configure these 2 boxes to provide local dialling or publice for 4 extensions?
    i appreciate your help alot and i am ready for any kind of help concerning cisco secrutiy since i am CCSP (cisco certified security professional) ASA,IPS,CSA..etc..
    u can email me on:
    waiting to hear from u..


    mike can i use a adsl modem or router to run internet connectivity to my a800 i have d-link adsl router 502t and how to use 1 ip in both adsl router and in gateway please do help me

    MikeM to arshad

    As long as the modem is performing the logon to the dsl network and establishing the connection, it should not matter. The Quintum is just an IP endpoint.



    Hi, I need someone to help me I work all the time setting up voip networks but a client one of my clients has a QUINTUM TENOR A200 and its a pretty old model and he has forgotten the admin password.
    Can any one helpme to restore the factory settings on this thing.
    Many thanks to everyone

    MikeM to John


    If this is really one of the very old A200’s, then I really hate to sound like some others, but take it from someone who knows Quntum better than most on this board—toss it in the ocean.

    It really never worked right. But if you must try it, I will see if I can dig around for the original password.




    I agree with you that A200 should be burned but like always Iam bound be de logic of my cliente which I can say with one hand in my heart they are usally idiots. So if you can find anything I would be very greatfull, but if you have to go into a lot of trouble to help me dont bother I dont want to be a burden.
    Again thanks for your attention.

    Waseem Hyder

    Hi Mike,

    This is Waseem Hyder from Pakistan, I found your email from Westbay VoIP forum writing to you my problem if you can help I am running two quantum D300 between Pakistan and UK for call routing already, Now I need to configure another AX400 at PK location to use PSTN interface of this AX400 user can use PSTN lines to call in and can use UK PRI to call in UK and EU. I can successfully use FXS but having issues to call through PSTN lines.

    MikeM to Waseem Hyder


    As I understand, you want receive calls from FXO of AX and route to D3000. There are many ways that this can be done and first we would need to determine which of the ways you want to do this. You could use a calling card solution, if you have a radius which provides security about who can call where, or if you are not concerned, then there is just a simple 2nd dialtone with no security. Depending on the setup of your D3000 there could be other ways, but we would need to discuss them.

    I suggest you contact me directly at and we can discuss the details. I am also, many times, online on MS Messenger so we could chat as well.


    Rabin Manandhar

    where I can download a Free copy of a CDR server software for A800 Series

Viewing 10 posts - 196 through 205 (of 205 total)
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