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Quintum 800

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    I am using the bellow poduct:

    Product Name: Tenor Analog A800 Multipath Switch – 8 ports (Rev. B)
    Gatekeeper Status: Mini
    GK Calls Allowed: 8

    Using the gateway as gatekeeper.As this Ip is
    another gateway Ip is
    Ist one is a gatekeeper. When i make call then it comes to the 1st one. If i disable all port of 1st wan then it goes to 2nd. and gate success.
    But my question is if 9th call came can it go through the 2nd one ?
    If anybody know the salution pls let me know. My emal address is


    I am currently trying to run a quintum A800 behind a proxy server (Microsoft ISA 2000). Im having a lot of problems with such a configuration. Is any one aware of a workaround for such a setup, or is there any other proxy server that can handle H323 traffic?

    thanks in advance


    Hi Moni,
    YES!!! definately you can make it. What you have to do is to set with higher priority in the routing table of GK.
    That’s it….cheers!!!


    Recently I purchased one Quintum A200 and trying to configure just as a NAT router. My ISP uses PPPoE. I have configured everything. Now it is working fine, but WAN ip changes every after 2 min automatically. How to stop that one ? Otherwise I will not be able to configure VoIP, to work with my softswitch. If you have any suggestion, pls. let me know.


    Im am looking for open source/freeware IVR and ACD to use with Quintum A800. Which ones are the most user friendly and easy to deploy?



    I wonder why my post was removed from this thread? Are the owners of this forum affiliated with

    I don’t see why I can’t let people know what happened to me, so that the same thing wouldn’t happen to them!


    No, we are not affiliated with Blue Lava.

    You already published one message to them on this forum. Frankly, this is not the place for public arguments; it is a place for discussion.

    I suggest you continue your dialogue directly with Blue Lava.


    Believe you me, I have been discussing a lot (3 weeks) and nothing is happening, so I need attention or else I would be taken lightly. I don’t mean to offend anyone here. All I am doing is airing my complain because I think it is something that others need to know.


    I understand, and no offence was taken. And your first note was published in full on 1st. May for everyone to read.


    I’m trying to set my Quintum A800 from scratch for about 3 months now which is when i purchased. The manual is not helping in configurating it to make calls and my providers do not know anything about Quintum.

    Can anyone give me step by step proper instructions on how to go about this?

    Thank’s a lot


    I have a tenor A800 and 8 PSTN connected.On the other end i have IP Phones like IPStar Phone.what i want is that the ip phones to connect to my tenor and make calls using my 8 PSTNs.Help please.

    Juan Suarez

    I Have a Quintum A400.
    Please could someone send by email that manual?



    Hi there,

    This is my first tme here. Hopefully I’ll get my answers. 🙂

    I have to tenor A800 with different static IP. suppose Tenor1 and Tenor2. I already have configurd them for private numbers.

    What do i have to do to configure Tenor1 if i call from a ph#1234567 and i want it to ring on the phone connected to Tenor2. Trough PBX/PSTN whichever is pssible.

    most sincerely,


    You need to make sure the A800’s IVR functions are off and H.245 tunneling is off. Also make sure the DSP voicecoding is set to G.723 or Quintum code number “81”.
    You have two choices on the Netmeeting softphone; gateway to gateway call or gateway to gatekeeper call. gateway to gateway you need to point the netmeeting to the A800’s IP address and there are static routes on the Tenor. Gatekeeper call you need to point the Tenor’s internal gatekeeper (turn on the boarder element by assign its own IP address) and register the netmeeting with the Tenor.
    bye sumit

    Saif to Sumit

    Thanks Sumit for the Reply.
    I surely will try that.

    this is the situation right now.
    Help me if you could with the ANI.

    1. I want to call from an IP phone(MAxlink 201 with a static IP) from another coutry to USA to my Quintum Tenor DX/A800. Please tell me what do i have to do to configure at both ends.

    I did a test call to the IP phone from my A800 and it works perfect, but the call does not come the other way from the IP phone to my A800.

    2. First of all thanks for bearing with me as of yet. Ok. I also tried to set up an ANI service through my Tenor A800. What steps do I have to take to configure it properly. I need help on how to get the CallerID.

    Also, i need to know if it is possible to have both the ANI service and prepaid calling card service using different trunk groups in the same tenor A800.

    Well i guess that will be enough for now. And thanks in advance.


Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 205 total)
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