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Quintum 800

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    Hello. I have a problem to configure my Cisco with a qintum. The quintum have been configured correctly but can not work together with the cisco
    Can i have a good configuration for both equipment.


    send config


    I need the A800 quintum gateway config(CLI) file, Please send me the email at:

    Md. Abu Noman

    Hi dear,

    How i configer quintum gateway A400/A800 for voip.


    I need the A800 quintum gateway config(CLI) file, Please send me the email at:



    i need to know whether Quintum Tenor A800 will work with a dynamic IP address ? or is it complusory that i need to have static IP address.

    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi Nana,

    The quick answer is YES.

    The slightly longer answer is dependant on what you are trying to acheive and your network infrastructure.
    There are two ways to set up a route on the Quintum – A Static route, for example one gateway sending to another gateway which you know the IP address of OR a GateKeeper route – where the gateway sends the phone number dialled to the GateKeeper and asks what IP address to send it to.

    If your Tenor has a different IP address (using DHCP) every time it turns on then people will find it hard to send you traffic using a static route – you would have to inform them of your new IP number every time you restarted the device. Also if you are SENDING traffic to somebody you may have to inform them of your new IP number if they are only allowing contact from known gateways.

    If you use a GateKeeper instead this all becomes much simpler. Every time you restart the Tenor it will get an IP address from the DHCP server and then register with the GateKeeper using that IP address. If you have set up a phone number on the Quintum it will also register that with the GateKeeper so other people will know how to find you.

    There are some different rules depending on the type of GK etc. but I hope that this gives you a head start.

    Mat –



    our tenor works fine with DHCP address behind firewall, however when the local ISP force to change the public IP address(sometimes up to 5 times a day!), my question is that can you set the tenor to automatically register to g/k on schedule?


    The slighly better solution:

    Like many of us, I strugled to keep few Quintum gateways properly registered with a gatekeeper. Those gateways are on ADSL lines overseas, with the tipycal changes on I.P. every few hours and the troubles related to it>
    A400 or A800. They did have troubles getting a new registration from another gateway that was still registered with the old I.P. addres.
    That did lead to double registrations or just to ignore the new registration when the number of registrations went over the gatekeeper limit.

    Solution: Do not register the remote/changing gateways to the gatekeeper. Instead, point the remote gateways to the border element of the one that is on a static I.P. address.
    Advantages: 1)There is no limit on the ammount of gateways that you send information to a border element.
    2)Seems to work a lot better, specially whent the remote gateways are on PPOE.(Do not ask why, I do not know, I just noticed it).

    I have three gateways working that way right now, and I am impresed. Not a single one of them failed to report to the border element after a change of I.P. address in over a week!!!!!

    I never saw any of my quintums on remote sites go this long without a need for a reset or power down.

    in order to see the I.P. of the remotes, go to the prompt and type :
    gk table.

    Go to the remote gateways and put the I.P. of the “master” or gateway on static I.P. address under “border element 0”

    Do not enter anything on the gatekeeper field of the remotes.

    Warning: By these settings, the remotes will “learn” the static I.P. routes of the master, and try to contact them directly. If you have static routes defined on the gateway that you are using as a border element, the remotes will “learn” the routes.

    On the remotes, use gk route plus the number to see what the remotes knows.

    Good hunting!!!!!


    need to know whether Quintum Tenor A800 will work with a E1 ( 2048 ) ?


    hi dear
    i hav intalled ISA SERVER . now i hav problem in yahoo mesenger .i cant send & recieve files via yahoo said u r behind firewall.
    can u help me plz?


    Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can test a call originating from a phone connected to a quintum to another phone connected to the same quintum, over IP.

    phone1—|—–| Internet
    |A800 |——————-
    phone2—| |

    Phone1 calls phone2

    How to do this. Please help me..


    You can not make calls from a port of the quintum to another port of the quintum and go VOIP.

    The cheapest way to do such a testing is having a little ATA 186, or by that means any VOIP phone .

    Then you connect the ATA to the internet, sends calls VOIP to the A800 over the internal network or internet and test your ports/equipment that way.

    If you are on the US, there is another way.
    Write to mike3799@yahoo and I pass the details.


    Hey, thank you for the last answer guys. Another question:
    Has anyone worked with Quintums behind ISA Server? What sort of configuration is needed at ISA nad Quintum(if any)?

    thanks in advance


    Hey !
    I want to send all the calls from gw a800 ( from all 8 channels ) to dedicated number. How I need to configure translation to that number in Quintum a800?
    Thank to all!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 205 total)
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