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2nd dail (quintum)

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    I have problem with my quintum.
    Software Version p4-2-20-21(LEC)

    Problem is call comes in my gw but it doesnt activate.

    call proc then after 10 sec it becomes term disc

    I am using phonecell telular with that. i’ve done test dial, and seems fine.

    Please help me.


    Hi could you send me quitum tenor asg200 configuration manual to email address


    We have Quintum Tenor A800. Our problem is that it keeps on resetting every few hours. What is the problem? What is the solution?


    Hi Everyone;
    Pls help me with my axt2400 quintum. Can anyone pls give me common settings for merely making a call.

    More power to VOIP quintum….



    Hi, Tuckmol

    there is a CDRPlus Manager – a software for Quintum Tenors and CallRelay, wich allow to do exact you want.
    For additional information, please contact me by e-mail:


    hi, vince

    a had the same problem
    try to do following:
    1. install latest firmware
    2. download the configuration
    3. reset the tenor to factory defaults
    4. upload the configuration

    PS. on pstn trunk deactivate ANI function (there is a problem with its implementation)

    Noname to Bert

    If you have a static I.P. address on public internet I could get you setup to make calls for testing.

    Write to mike3799@yahoo or get me in messager, after 5:00 P.M., US central time.

    Best regards.

    Shahid Khan

    Hi, I have successfully gotten quintum working on one phone, thanks to the kind people here. Heres what I want to do now.. I have multiple phones connected to the pbx ports of the quintum a800. If someone calls to my number (suppose 5551212) and that is already in use, he should be switched to another phone on the quintum. IHow will I be able to do that? Thanks in advance….

    Noname to Shahid

    It is already in service that way.

    If you entered the “5551212” as a huntpubldn type of number, you created a group that will ring the first available port on the PBX side.
    In other words, you have a hunting group, with the same phone number on all the ports, as a first come ,first serve type od service.

    Any doubts, write me.


    if anyone like to help then i deserve it.plz send the quintum tenor A800 manual to


    hi clerk,

    thanks for your reply. another problem crop up. it is not only our quintum A800 that keeps on resetting but also our quintum d3000 unit. what’s weird is that both units are placed in the same shelves, while we have another quintum a800 placed in another but does not have the same problem.

    HI people

    if anybody could asnwer some of my simple questions pls do. This is only theory…

    what is the use of enabling :
    a) Primary gatekeeper switchback
    b) relay progress
    c) Default h245 tunneling
    d) start h245 collision
    e) packet server

    pls tell me how it will change the performance of my equipment if i enable each of those things. Pls tell me when and how to use it?

    thank you very much…
    i was able to run my axt2400 but these terms i must really understand so i could make my quintum run at its optimum performance.


    Primary gatekeeper switchback:

    In case that the primary gatekeeper stops responding, the equipment could switch to a secondary one.
    Once it is working via the sec. gk, it does have the option of switching back to the original or staying on the secondary.

    That is what the setting is about.

    Packet saver: If you have the option on your box, and the remote box also have the option, and you have several calls at the same time betwen the two gateways with packet saver enabled, you will save some bandwith on the interent connection.

    remember, omly if you have several calls at the same time ,betwen the two boxes.

    It will not give you any advantage on single calls to multiple boxes, even if they have packet saver.

    The savings are around 15 to 30 %,depending on the load.

    Best case will be fully load of calls, point ot point betwen the boxes.



    Have new Quintum ASG400 trying to connect to ciscoi AS5350

    Quintum in India going through VSNL leased line to AS5350 in US data center of provider…

    everything looks ok, but when we dial number, the phone instantly returns a fast busy signal..

    anyone know of what can be issue on India side?

    Paid for and waiting for days for Quintum to directl do installaton, but they are slow and not giving a date and time..

    looking for India based Quintum expert for Quintum configuration…

    Thanks in Advance


    Hi everyone

    I have a problem with all my tenors(A400/A800/ASM200/ASM400) all of the tenors are resetting themselves in 10mins time or after the first call from pstn. These quintums are at the diffrent places and suddenly all of them start to reset them selves and also you can’t ping one of these outside the local network


Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 178 total)
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