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2nd dail (quintum)

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    The key question is if you have real disconnect on the PSTN trunks on your gateway.
    If you have it, you need to be setup for loop start, forward disconnect.
    I have a a400 setup that way and it disconnects in around 2 to three seconds when the PSTN releases.
    If you want a copy of my configuration, write to mike3799@yahoo and I send a copy.

    Best regards.


    I am from Manila, Philippines. Have some problems with our Quintum-Lucent Definity- Telular connections. It seems that calls from the far end is having difficulty getting connected to the called party. We see a lot of drop calls from our cdr. I need solutions to this problem.


    Actually, noname I have something to add over here, I read somewhere on a quintum release note that certain series A800,A400 with certain serial number does not support the auto disconnect feature, let me double check it first I will get back to you guys…Meanwhile VOIP what country do you get your PSTN lines from?


    As for you Telmax, you have to be more specific with your problem…I am sure someone will be able to help out here…just be more specific please…


    is there anyone who had the complete list of Cause Code? or can explain what is CAUSE CODE 41,

    quiensabe: could you send me a copy of your manual at



    Cause code 41 is:

    Temporary Failure
    The call was disconnected due to network failure


    Hi …
    What does it realy mean ?

    “Event Log Pad Field is Invalid!”

    I get this message when I type evlog … where is the Event Log Pad field ?


    hello, we have a problem configuring our Tenor A400/800 quintum
    when you hyperterminal into the equipment. it displays the units ip address, gateway ip and type, then it hangs at the point where you are asked to press your enter key after 3 seconds.
    i.e it does not go beyond this point, the Alert Led keeps blinking yellow.


    anyone who could explain this “incompatible media type” thnks

    CH : 5089927:h323[0]: ocall:RcvSetup, my media type=9
    CH : 5089927:bandwidth info: max=-1 cur=12600.
    CH : 5089927:Fast start element present.
    CH : 5089927:Incompatible media type=37, calling->called.
    CH : 5089927:Incompatible media type=37, called->calling.
    CH : 5089927:Incompatible media list received.


    Incompatible media list received

    Codec nagotiation failed –

    You have to make sure that codecs on both sides of the call are properly set.


    other gateway codec g723ar63(cisco) while the other is g723(quintum), they are both 6300bps, is thier any diffirences with this two CODEC?


    Hi Tribu, You don’t mention what particular Quintum you are using but unless it is a CMS or the new DX Series it won’t do CODEC auto-negotiation.

    This means that you will have to set the CODEC to be exactly the same as the CODEC you are using on the Cisco. You have to be specific here, the Quintum does not work well with the Cisco CODEC G729R8, use the BR8 algorithm instead (G.729BR8).

    If you are using the CMS or new DX range you can set up auto-negotiation and CODEC preferences.

    I hope this helps, if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me at


    Hi, I am using quintum A800 at the US and India for our call center.

    PBX – Quintum —–internet —————————–Quintum – PBX—–Agents Phones.

    The lines are analog. When I receive a call from the US, I transfer it back to US using the PBX conferencing feature and disconnect from the conversation at India. Unfortunately, the PBX at India end does not recognise the lines being hung up, because of
    analog lines. we have set a timer at the PBX (India end) to time out
    after 10 minutes and release the trunk. Is there any other way?
    Will change in signalling settings
    at the Quintum work?


    Hi ,please tell me how i can log remote my router events ,i use quintum A800 .


    To r6,
    If I understand your question correctly, u want to capture your event logs remotely, well there 2 ways:-
    1- If u want to sit on your computer to monitor the evenlog scrolling for many hours…that will be one way.
    2- U can use the SNMP feature in the quintum which will be talking to a SNMP software, trapping alarm, alerts or log, or what ever quintum spits out to SNMP…that will be the easier way.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 178 total)
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