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2nd dail (quintum)

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    batang sustagen

    can anybody help me?? how do i setup the quintum so i could log the quintum events to kiwi syslog


    Name = PstnPassThrough1
    Pass Through = no(0)
    PT Trunk ID = 0
    Provide Call Progress Tone = no(0)
    Busyout = no(0)
    Hunt Algorithm = ascending(0)
    Modem Calls = No(0)
    Direction = both(2)
    DN Used = public
    End Of Dial = yes(1)
    End Of Dial Digit = #
    Add End of Dial Digit = no(0)
    Ivr Type = 2nd Dial Tone
    Pin Code = xxxxxxxxxx
    CID = From Interface(0)
    External Routing Request = no(0)
    Auto Switch Enable = no(0)
    Forced IP Routing # = none
    Trunk ID(Account Code) = none
    Trunk ID Delivery = none
    2 Stage Dial = No
    Translate Inbound Caller ID = no(0)
    Relay Caller ID = yes(1)
    IP Extension = no(0)
    Maximum LAM Calls Allowed = 4

    Ajaya Panda


    I am new to VOIP, wanting to set up one calling card business (Pc toPHone and phone to phone. I have 4 No.s of PSTN line and 128 kbpsDSL connection.

    Please let me know to select the Hardware / software for this purposes.

    Ajaya Panda



    i Have new Quintum ASG400 trying to connect to cisco AS5350.i have configured the Quintum gateway.

    I have some idea about Quintum equipment we r already using A400,800 at our many sites. i am mostly doing in Cisco so if some one can help me to guide me that how can compleate the configuraton that will work i have still some problem so if some can send me the working config file i will be greatfull to him. Thanks in advance.


    I have a Quintum AXT2400, ASR is low because of too many “Cause Code 16” (Normal Call Clearing). The manual says “The cause indicates that the call is being cleared because one of the user has requested that the call be cleared.”

    anybody want to help me on how to prevent this error code.

    Pls. send me email



    I’m a newbie to this I hope you ppl can help me with the problem i’m facing. My office couldnt dial to voip using the pabx system. Last time it could be done. We are using Quintum A800. Soething is wrong with the configuration.

    After a user dial the extension to use the voip access it tones nothing at all…Why this happens?


    My dear friend’s i need help from u.Please give me some information how to get my refund money.As I have ordered a Quintum Tenor A800 from Blue-Lava 4 months ago and the sales person was mehtew hitchcock.But after sending the money he never contact me neither he replied to my mails nor he responded to my so many voice messeages i left on their ordex voice recorder.Can anyone help me to get my money back.I would be very greatful to him.


    I need configuration about THE PBX extension


    I have quintum A400/800 Tenor and want to setup the router direct calls.
    First I need to find how to assign the static public IP to the router.
    Then i need to set it up.

    Also I need to find the command list for the router console.

    Please send me above details.

    Thanks in advance.


    Get a cable from the console port of the gateway to the RS232 port of the computer.

    Using hyperterminal,or any communications software, setup your port to 38400,no parity, eight bits and 1 stop bit.

    Pres enter several times and you will be on the prompt.

    Enter your password

    Enter the I.P. address, mask and default gateway information.

    Save the settings by typing “submit” at the main prompt.

    Reboot the box, connect to the network, now you could telent to the box from any P.C. on the network

    If you need the PDF files with the manual, I will be glad to send it.
    Be sure that you have enough room on your e-mail account. It will be around 3 mb file.

    Write to and I will reply with the manual.

    Best regards.


    I ftp my tenor ASM400 and deleted database.

    Now I can not access it.

    When I use hyperterminal it asks for username/password and I can not get in.

    How to pu in Factory settings,



    quintum A800 traffic monitor & busy ports


    Hi all,

    I just got 1 pair Quintum ASG200 for testing. Well – because I’m newbie in VOIP Configuration. I’m not able to do connection between this 2 units ASG200. Any one can give me some sample configuration phone – phone dialing and how to put specific dial number for each of ports. So sorry because this is my first time configuring Quintum Product. Thx


    I want prvovide VoIP termmination with Dynamic Ip address. Is it possible to use Quintum ASM400 gateway with dynamic IP address in order to recive internet calls and send the calls trought the gateway to PSTN lines? I’m planning to use DDNS to point to my new IP addrss each time it is changed, so I guess my customers can connect to my gateway with domain name, and not IP address? I haven’t used gateway before so I don’t know does it has to be configured with static IP address. Also maybe GNU gatekeeper can help in this.

    Thanks for your time



    It may be possible to do this if you use the Gk to manage the Ip address assigned to the Quintum. The Quintum itself does not support domain name function, but if you have it registered to your Gk and you have all the other endpoints query the GK for the IP address, it should work.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 178 total)
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