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2nd dail (quintum)

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    Hi R6,

    An alternative method is to install the Syslog server software that is free from Quintum. This will capture all of the events to a PC on your network.

    This makes it simpler to find events later without getting the eyestrain trying to read the event log in real time.

    Each event is time stamped – the long number at the front is the stamp. If you type

    > time 0

    at the CLI prompt it will give you the time the unit was restarted.

    If you type time then followed by the long number it will give you the time of the event in a useful format.

    Unfortunately the SNMP traps offered by the Quintum are fairly limited, although on a positive note we have just received a beta release of the new Quintum monitoring software that displays calls and stats through a browser in real-time.

    I beleive that this will be on general release very shortly – so watch this space.

    Hope this helps.



    hi people, What can you suggest or anyone had a software for billing or CDR sotfware that BEST design for Quintum,




    I had a lot of cause code that can’t explain,

    CC 47
    CC 102
    CC 31
    CC 111
    CC 127

    or what is the specific Cause Code for Network or Bandwidth congestion



    Message to quiensabe

    Hi could you send me quitum configuration manual to email address

    I will appreaciate your help



    I am trying to connect a Quintum AS400 to a Cisco AS5300. Can anyone give a brief possible configuration, especially for the AS400?

    thanks, alevp


    I have a Quintum A800, ASR is low because of too many “Cause Code 16” (Normal Call Clearing). The manual says “The cause indicates that the call is being cleared because one of the user has requested that the call be cleared.”

    Anybody knows what’s causing this code to occur?


    plz hellp me ?
    my Gw is tenor gw for orgination configit . when i was discanect phone line (pstn) one monet line is not discanect plz help me now ?



    You are having trouble with the disconection supervision.

    Does your line have remote disconection supervision???? That is a signal sent by the phone company via the wires, to the gateway, when a person (the one that intiated the call) hangs up the phone.

    Again, a person calls from a normal phone to your gateway. The Central Office or phone company equipment sends 110 vols A.C. voltage down the line to “alert” you.

    That voltage, normally 25 hz, 100 to 110 volts, is received by the Quintum, and detected as “ringing voltage”.

    The quintum answer the call, provides IVR or second dial tone to the caller.

    Person enters account number ,or just dial the call. Talsk for few minutes and decides to hang up.

    This is the critical moment: If you are on the US and your lines are provisioned for the option called “forward supervision”, the phone company detects that the caller hanged up, and send forward to the Quintum a “forward disconnect” signal, to tell the Quintum that is time to go idle again.
    This is not a audible signal. It is a reversal of the polarity of the DC voltage normally sent by the phone company to the phone, or gateway.

    The gateway detects this signal, if it is setup correctly, and disconnect the call, release the channel ,and stop the billing, sending a stop accounting message to the billing system.

    If you do not get that signal from the phone company, you need to setup your gateway to “listen” for audible tones that indicate that the phon call ended. That is more troublesome and tricky to setup.

    Where are you at???? If you are on the US, it is easy to get forward disconnect. Most other countries, you do not have that option.

    Good luck.

    ali hadim

    hi, I use to freeradius with Quintum A400. Radius conf. ok
    Quintum setting is IVR type 2(prepaid) , use to PBX 1 port
    and connect one port telephone. I’m running radius then IVR is wanted pin no. Ok.
    And radius check table and reply table ok
    check table
    reply tabel
    h323-Credit- Amount =1000

    I didn’t give me error(Radius) but IVR give me message ” tecnical diffucultdon’t open call tring again” then is busy or close.what can I Do? where is the mistake?


    can u send me your a800 manual.i need it urgently if u dont mind.i have some evlog erros that i should a bigginer

    Quiensabe to sura

    Sure I could send you the manual for the gateway.

    Please pos a e-mail address that could take at least 3mb

    Experience says that the yahoo accoujnts could handle that much without troubles, but the Hotmail accounts could not do it.

    Best regards

    sura to Quiensabe

    my e mail is

    inf u cant send it to that addres
    the other address is

    this account can definitely handle that 3mb

    thank u very much for your kind and quick respond hope to give any support on my end.pls do not hessitate contact me on the above address.



    Can anyone here provide me with some latest statistics on call made to the USA, Canada and UK from St Vincent & the Grenadines?

    ali hadim

    hi I use to Quintum A400 and A800 with radius. When I started rad and quiuntum I want to sent me “NasPortId”

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 178 total)
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