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2nd dail (quintum)

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    sir Mike,

    I have this problem that has an evlog of:

    EXCP : 0:**** SYSTEM RESET! RESTARTING (0x80000000, IP=0x7e92ba64) ****
    EXCP : 179:Idle Reference Count = 128151
    EXCP : 226:Started CDR manager. Initializing CDR data, session number = 1073751696.
    EXCP : 232:VManagerProc(L7): failed to create translator
    EXCP : 835883:Link seems to be down (0)
    EXCP : 835983:Link seems to be down (1)
    EXCP : 2094083:Link seems to be down (0)
    EXCP : 2440283:Link seems to be down (0)

    what could this mean?
    the callls on the cdr could not last even a minute….pls. help.

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    MikeM to Rob

    The first line of the log tells me that the system reset or was powered off and back on. The remaining messages are standard as part of a power up.

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    Sir Mike,

    What should i adjust when a call is just ringing but its already charging…the charging of call must start when answered.


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    Sir Mike
    Im already done with the billing…Now, I have tenor(A800) which is working fine and all of sudden the acd seems to be below 2 mins and also the call duration seems to be below 1 min. Even if i shutdown the box and restart after 20 mins then the ACD starts creeping up for 5mins and vack again. Please anybody knows what the problem .If yes then Please help me.

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    QuinTum A2400

    I am familiar with a800 but axt2400 is quite confusing i can do test cal through cli on a800 by typing first t o 1 then t d xxxxxx but on axt2400 i couldn’t find it can any one help.I got axt brand new i heard through some carier that it has false answer problem can i solve this problem.Or let me know how can i get proper online support


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    MikeM to Nil

    First, the command for test is just add debug to the front, like debug test o 1

    As for answer supervision, both the AX and the A800 support voice based answer supervision and there is a document on quintum’s web site that explains this in some detail. Just search for answer supervision on their web site.

    If you need further assistance on your unit, you may contact me directly at

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    Riad Trif

    I have subscribe to Yahoo Messenger with Voice in order to use the PC to Phone call system. I have bought a 10$ ticket for my international calls I have used it a couple of times but now I haven’t been able to do so since a week . Usually I open voice messenger after i log in to yahoo. then I click on tools and Pc to Phone call the telephone Pad opens and I make my call. Now when I make the steps above I keep having a window saying “Do you want to subscribe to voice ….” I do not know what to do . Sorry I was long explaining but I had to
    Thank you for your patience I hope I can get an answer from you
    Thanks again
    Riad Trif

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    Bobby Joe


    I have a quintum a800 and i want calls from pstn port route in other number if pstn port is being called. Like for example, the number connected in pstn port of quintum is 111, when I call 111, the call redirect to 222 which is other telco number.

    Any help would be appriciated.


    Bobby Joe

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    MikeM to Bobby Joe

    I am not sure I understand your point, are you saying that when a call comes in from PSTN to Tenor, you want to send it out another PSTN port of same tenor, but dial different number? Or is it that the call comes from IP and you want to send it out PSTN?

    You may contact me directly,, to discuss this further.


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    Bobby Joe to MickM

    What I mean is, when I call VOIP line in tenor, it will redirect to PSTN number not in tenor but using line connected in tenor. BTW, I add you up in MSN to discuss it to you.

    Hope to talk with you soon.


    Bobby Joe

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    MikeM to Bobby Joe

    I think I understand. The call will come from IP to Tenor and then you want it to go out PSTN connected to Tenor.

    Please confirm this with me. You can send me email directly to or catch me online.


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    Bobby Joe to MickM

    Yes, I want calls comes from IP to Tenor and go out to PSTN connected to Tenor. And one more thing, I download firmware for SIP Beta. How do I put it in my tenor? because i want to configure my tenor to register in my SIP server and make calls. Also i want it to use as call origination (in the near future).

    I guess its better if I catch you up in MSN.


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    MikeM to Bobby Joe

    If you want to use for sending calls to PSTN from IP, the easiest way is to simply set the lampattern to the incoming digit pattern, like if you are receiving cc+number, set the lampattern to just the cc.

    Then if you need to add a 0 to the front of the number, you would need to set the lamreplacment to 0. Also you will want to setup answer supervision.

    As for SIP, keep in mind that the SIP software for the A800 is only Beta. Quintum will not be producing any further software for the A800 as it has already reached its end of life as a product from quintum and no further software will be done for it. If the beta works, then good, otherwise if it does not work, quintum will not fix it. Also, beta means that quintum has not tested the software fully.

    These are just precautions you need to know.

    If you switch to SIP, then the A800 will only do SIP meaning it will not support both H323 and SIP at the same time, nor on call-by-call.

    I know with the time difference it may be difficult to get together to discuss further, it may be easier to just send me an email directly ( instead of constantly checking this forum.

    Also, I should be online on Saturday in the morning my time (NY time).

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    hello mike,

    please help me, I want to know how can I load the IVR in the tenor A400.

    thank for your help,

    #22647 Reply
    MikeM to yves


    You actually do not load the voice prompts on to the A400. You must put the voice files on a PC that is running TFTP server software and configure the tenor to access the IP address of that PC as the TFTP server so that the tenor can access the voice files when needed.

    Unfortunately, you will need the PC and TFTP up and running all the time or there is a possibility that the tenor would not be able to get the voice file when needed.


Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 178 total)
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