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2nd dail (quintum)

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    Good Day Mike

    I’ve been reading through the posts. And see that you’ve got basically all the solutions for configuring different products. Here’s my dilema I just bought a Tenor AX 2400. I plugged it in my router installed the Tenor Configuration Manager. But whenever i try to log in it shows nothing. then I click on discover and then it says No Tenor Discovered on 192.168.*.*** so then i try to put in that address and manually configure it but then it says. Premature EOF Encountered (Please check IP address) How could i check for the IP address if I don’t even know it in the first place. I had to download the Config manager. Cause I bought this pretty much bare the unit only and one of those back panels that has 24 ports.

    Once I get this working I have the configuration guide from my Voip Provider.

    Any way you can help me on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    MikeM to WIlliamC


    I have replied to your email to me.



    I jest reset to factory setting my ASM400 ,
    but i don’t have a Product guide as a CD,
    I also try to conect to it via lan and HTML , doest it have such a feature? or I should use CLI?
    i don’t know why i can’t ping it when i sent an IP on it??? or even conect via explorer??

    MikeM to Ehsan


    I sent you an email saying that all product guides are available at quintum’s web site under support. As for your question about connecting, did you make sure that you changed both the subnet and default gateway? Are you able to connect through telnet?



    thanks a lot mike, now it is working via telnet and also serial port, but i wonder that is there any graphical interface for configure it, as I know vey less command about it.
    many tnx Mike for your nice help


    is there any special port ,so i can conmnect via ie to it ,and see graphical interface?

    MikeM to Ehsan

    You cannot use IE to access the unit. You need to download the GUI from Quintum directly. It can be found on their website under the support section.



    I have a quintum DX Series and have configured it and E1 is up and running.The problem is,i get echos when i try to make calls with codec g729 and g723.When im try with g711,the call quality improves but isnt the best still.Please assist me to know where i need to specify the codec format for me to get no echos or interference.Thank you.

    MikeM to Muthii


    I do not believe that the problem is coming from the quintum as the connection from IP to E1 is dig’tal, no conv.


    MikeM to Muthii

    I would give more info, but this area is ridic in its filt and rejects most of the info that will help you.

    please contact me directly


    hi all
    i have a qiuntum System Software Version: P4-2-20-38(LEC) (1733185/0x81C5), Boot Software Version: P4-1-3 (180592/0xE814)
    Database Version: 2.08 09-13-2000 (277900)
    can i upgrade it to be used on sip protocol

    thx as advvance
    elie k

    MikeM to elie


    This is a generation 1 unit that is no longer produced or supported by quintum. Quintum does have software available on their web site, but it is only beta software, meaning it has not been fully tested and if there are any problems they will not fix it. Many have tried using this software and I think that success is about 50% or so. So you can give it a try or see about getting a generation 2 quintum unit that does support sip.



    Hi All,

    I have a tenor ASM-400 with 4 lines FXO and 4 lines FXS, i want to use device as an IP PBX box with the following services :

    1. Customers dial our real PSTN lines and tenor pick up the calls and route them to Digital-Attendant (DA) in SIP proxy server (i use 3CX sip server).
    DA play an IVR sound and tell customer to dial desirable extension number, after customer dial an extension, 3CX will route the call to extension that has an IP Phone.
    2. When some one from office wants to make an outside call, first dial 9 (For example) then he/she hears the real PSTN dial tone and start dialing the outside office phone number.

    i want to know that is this possible to provide this service with this devices and softwares ? if yes, please tell me how to config them in general.

Viewing 13 posts - 166 through 178 (of 178 total)
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