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Real Sysmaster please stand up!

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    Yes, I am familiar with asterisk , as well as sysmaster products.


    I am not sysmaster client, and never worked in sysmaster company , but know VM and SM very well
    many years passed since this thread started, but still voicemaster billing is the best billing I’ve ever seen ( I work as freelancer , Voip engineer)
    huge verity of classic billing/routing options may be confusing for the first time.
    Sybase , as well as other IBM products, is great, – All billing is done in sybase SQL stored procedures, which allows to debug.
    The biggest problem, however, is sensitivity to disk i/o errors, but VM recovery is possible thanks for to automatic periodic backup.
    SM pbx is also not bad – but working with SM all time was a feeling to replace it with a clear asterisk, specially when SM voipgw service does not start for some reasons.

    … a little sad that company moved back to Bulgaria, had to cut the staff and survive. saw their container cargo shipped from US to EU with equipment, marketing almost stopped since that time, but company still UP!
    Their support system still up and runng at , but, seems, having hard times .

    I have idea – why don’t they make a free version of voicemaster with limited functions?
    Current system still work on redhat 7.2 (!) and shipped together with hardware , so why not to port all billing procedures, and vmgk to better platforms , make installation package – I bet soft-switch will be very popular on the market!
    make a community , website – , start discussion , suggest new functions
    any one interested ?

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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