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Real Sysmaster please stand up!

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    1st hand VoiceMaster Experienc

    Sysmaster is owned and operated by a 34 year old Bulgarian (Boris as most of you know) punk who likes to lie to the sales/support staff about what the product can actually do. He manipulates the staff, treats them like crap so they do want to lose their job, and then they in turn must report this information to the prospect. The prospect believes this information because the Sysmaster sales support staff actually believes it as well. The sales support staff is actualy very good, but, don’t blames them. The single point of failure in the company is Boris. The staff actually has no clue what the product can do. Hence, the regular use of EMAIL support to prolong and frustrate the client while support TRIES to get an answer from Boris. It is a vicious cycle.

    Hey Sysmaster clients, does that sound familiar? The clients are treated the same way as well. The goal is to get the clients money in a wire transfer as much as possible. Sysmaster realizes that after the 30 day policy the customer may be so disappointed that they’ll never see the other payments. The 30 day return policy is actually put in place so that after 30 days the client CANNOT return , but, is now dependant on Sysmaster who really has no interest in helping the client after 30 days. If it takes over 30 days to get the VoiceMaster to work then why is there a 30 day return policy? It is truely get em’ in and leave behind operation. If you intend to purchase from them, challenge them to put the benefit of the doubt in YOUR hands; only pay a small down payment and make them get it working before paying it off.

    The Sysmaster policy is always, “Guilty until proven innocent!” Why on earth would you want to put your money in the hands of a company who is going to treat you like shit?

    A warning to U.S/ and World based telcos. If you want a company that stays with you for the long haul and has YOUR best interest at heart, make sure you don’t purchase from SHITMASTER. Stick to the old fashioned reliable way of cdr collection. It isn’t nearly as frustrating as dealing with this company. Think about it folks… no matter how good a company claims the product is, or, how cutting edge above the other competitors they are; Support and customer satisfaction is #1.

    Oh, by the way VoiceMaster/Norfa is a calling Card platform on steroids. If pre-paid pin’s are your focus, then you may have the right product. If you are a telco, large carrier, run more than 200 concurrent phone calls, need redundancy, reliablity, and the ability to sleep at night…move on.

    Everything Sysmaster does is a beta test. Current clients know this, hence, the constant code changes and database phantom. You basically have a mad scientist and a handful of underpaid bulgarians manipulating your blood life( in this business obviously the billing). Imagine somebody putting sugar in your gas line or removing the oil from your engine in the middle of the night and you drive your car 50 miles the next morning without any knowledge of it. Need I say more?


    No, I believe you’ve said enough. I think that you’ve displayed your charming persona and level of maturity quite well in this mad ranting.
    I’m a CLEC in NJ and I’ve been a Sysmaster customer for 2 years. I had one minor problem with my voicemaster in the beginning and it turned out to be a minute error of my own doing.
    I deem it necessary to play devils advocate for the verbal bashing that you must have thoroughly enjoyed in a fit of cocaine rage. With any company, you’ll experience problems. That is a given. But speaking from my own personal experience as a Sysmaster client, the experience has been next to flawless.

    1st hand VM Experience

    You must be an employee of Sysmaster. Your statement is a lie and defensive just like every other comment that comes from support or Boris. Everyone knows that Sysmaster didn’t sell a product to a REAL CLEC until summer of 2004. Once again another lie.
    I have too much respect for the CLEC’s that have actually purchased so I won’t risk their names and business on this forum. Heck if your so proud of the service place your company name and contact information on here so everyone can call you for a verbal reference. You should probably hurry up and make a false number through the Sysmaster PBX and set up a fake company; oh, that’s what they do for references as well. Try again. Also, maybe you could share your successful infrastructure with the rest of us. How exactly have you incorporated VoiceMaster (2 years ago) to a traditional CLEC environment? It didn’t exist 2 years ago.

    Voice Of Reason

    It sounds like you have some serious issues with Sysmaster. Aside from ranting online, what have you done to try to resolve your issues with the company? In reading the original posting, I see lots of “they” and “the customer”, but no specific examples of how YOU were treated. It kind of sounds like you may be a former, disgruntled employee, with all of the inside information you seem to have about the sales and support staff at Sysmaster. I have no axe to grind here, just a curious onlooker.


    I am a user of Voicemaster for sometime now and i must confess theur support is the worst i have seen. Any little problem you report is readily blamed on a third party hardware (e.g. Cisco or Quintum) you are using with Voicemaster.
    before you buy the product, they keep calling u, once u make pruchase, they hardly return your mails not to talk of returning your calls.
    For the past 6 months now, the long-pound facility to make multiple calls without dropping the handset has not worked and they keep telling me i have to contact cisco when in actual fact they modified the cisco tcl script running on the voicemaster. They are just a lazy bunch. I think their support is just simply horrib;e. I hope Erkan, the Director of Sales, reads this forum.


    It is pretty obvious to all of us this is a company in some distress. There is a theme that is being established here that to the educated it spells disaster. For those who had purchsed the product(s) of this company, if the product does not fullfill the requirements take some action. If you are not happy with it change it. We had their product went through pretty much every single thing that is wriiten here, (so no need to repeat it). Replaced their gear with Cisco and Mera.

    So, I say so long SHITMASTER, you are making your bed and you will sleep in it.

    Hamed Nik

    I have previously posted my experiences to posts from this forum regarding voicemasters support and here i like to say i fully support the previous post “1st hand VoiceMaster Experienc” word by word! Exactly how i would put it!

    I have been their customers since more than two years ago and i know for sure how awfull this system can be! In fact in the last 10 minutes i have been trying to solve a problem in the GK that gives me disconnect cause 11 in peak time for no reason(around 250 cocurrent calls)…

    I dont have a support contract with them since three months ago purely because we will pay support not for them to solve the problems we’ve created by mis-configs etc, but for them to solve the problems in their own beta and untested program! Every upgrade created at least 10 new bugs! and ofcourse they tell you no one else has this porblem but you!!!

    I visited their sales rep in CeBIT last year (they dont stop exhibiting neither) and tried to complain; as soon as the guy recognized my name and i tried to discuss about the status of their support service he raised his voice and got very offended apparently because i should not tell my sales rep regarding problems i was experiencing! Suprisingly saying: “We are at a show here with new customers give us a break!” i would call it a trap, not a show!

    I dont know what more needs to be said about them, i just hope new buys will read these stuff before falling into this trap!

    I have always said this and i like to repeat again, we are not in US as we are a UK based company, but if anyone needs our support for filing a case against these guys i’d be more than happy to help and join forces!

    1st Hand Voicemaster Experienc

    To Voice of Reason and others:

    It seems as if you are also an employee of Sysmaster. Regardless of who I am or what my relationship is with Sysmaster, all of my statements are true 100%. Even to add one more layer of credibility loss to you; the fact that you refer to my statements as ‘Insider’ goes to show that even you as an employee acknowledge the state of frenzy and disaster that Sysmaster operates under, not to mention the continuous delivery of lies to the Telco/Voip World. For those of you that are contemplating a Shitmaster purchase, challenge them till the moment of purchase and never pay in full, you will regret it. Also, it takes 3-6 months to even begin to truely understand the product and all it’s glitches.

    Demand to speak to the Sales Manager, Support Manager… etc, watch how difficult it will be to get an answer or assistance. Ask for an org chart of the company and watch the deflection. Pay attention to every question you ask and pound them with all of the negativity and watch how gracefully the sales person answers. Listen to the confusion/frustration behind the sales persons voice. If sales is that frustrated imagine how you’ll feel. All of the red flags are there and you are all very smart business people so follow your intuition. The sales staff is the best considering the B.S that they have to put up with from support and Boris. It’s ultmately not their fault. Sales is the front lines and caught in the middle of an ongoing battle between the single point of failure(Boris) and you the client. Also spend the money to fly to the office FIRST before you purchase and take a look around. You’ll see exactly who you will be doing business with. Remember, the American sales force is who closes the deal with you, the Bulgarrian developers are the ones who have to support it. Guilty Guilty Guilty until proven innocent!!!!!

    Also think about this… Voicemaster started out as a calling card platform. The VoIP world is full of criminals and cheats..everyone knows it. The VoiceMaster was intended as a revenue generating product wherein you could rip off your clients. Only crooks could develop a product to steal from other people. Get the money and run as they say. Now that the VoIP world has surfaced to a higher level of service and scrutiny, the days of thieving are almost over. The problem is that the same unevolved minds are running the company today. Those same minds think that everyone else is a crook and stupid, isn’t that ironic?

    The product is good for only one thing…. Small calling card companies who have about 15k to spend. Also, all of their products have been hacked and are sold on the black market. Certain versions of VoiceMaster and the SM7000 can be purchased cheaply. There are also support centers set up in U.S and Europe to support the hacked versions so you might want to research that. Feel free to post any question on here to me and I will help the best I can.

    VoIP nut

    I am not a Sysmaster customer but I’ve met people that used and they were satisfied with it. I must admit that they are knowledgeable and have proper resources to operate a VoIP business (the ITSPs) . I have a comment about the guy that showed up at CeBIT to voice his complain: come on! You don’t that Sir!. CeBIT is a very expensive show and you cannot expect to use it to discuss your technical problems with any SME such as Sysmaster. You bashed this company but your expectations are not reasonable. Im sure you have problems and made efforts to get them resolved but don’t show up at CeBIT to demand a solution…

    Reply to Teenage Angst

    Wow! What type of problems have you gents been aflicted with? Here I am late at night perusing abouts looking for a used SM7000 and stumble into this madness. “Shitmaster” eh? lol You have either lost a hell of a lot of money out of sheer ignorance of not knowing voip from the back of your arse or are quite possibly an ex – disgruntled employee, or maybe one of their competitors? Regardless I’ve had my share of problems with Sysmaster, Cisco and Quintum products, yet I need not bash those companies since finding a solution to the problems is my first concern and as i can attest a solution is always around the corner. I have to admit in Sysmaster’s case, I have noticed an increase in their professionalism concerning technical support and documenting their products / services. Anyways if you have questions or problems regarding Sysmaster or cisco products you can send an email to I will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding those systems (Please no dumb questions since I have not the time nor inclination to be a Voip Tutor to someone who has not been in the field).

    Appan KH

    Hi, All
    The VOIP is a technology oriented business. If you buy Sysmaster you need the tech skill to operate it. It is linux based system and require VOIP ,Linux skill to set up and operate. VOIP requires skill in – Gateways,Gatekeeper, billing, Codec selections , bandwidth mngnt, firewall Qos etc. It is not a simple job. The complaint may not be particular to Sysmaster but applicable to all VOIP products. The CISCO require CISCO Certified prof. to set up and operate and like wise the Sysmaster need skill to operate.


    Are you the same Appan that works for the thieving fraudsters BreakThrough Networks?

    Are you enjoying spending everyone else’s money that you have stolen?

    WTF is Appan?

    WTF? Who is Appan and how come there are no more people in this world with the same name..that ohh nooos….works in Voip and IT technology? Goddamn people…What we need here is for someone to pass some tissues for all the sour and tired pussies 😉


    I have to admit in Sysmaster’s case, I have noticed an increase in their professionalism concerning technical support and documenting their products / services. Anyways if you have questions or problems regarding Sysmaster or cisco products you can send an email to I will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding those systems (Please no dumb questions since I have not the time nor inclination to be a Voip Tutor to someone who has not been in the field)

    Current Client

    I’d have to say that everything “VoiceMaster Experience” stated is true. Simply, Don’t buy this product.

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