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Real Sysmaster please stand up!

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    Message for Hamid…Can you provide contact detail so I can discuss a problem which sounds similar to yours

    “I have been their customers since more than two years ago and i know for sure how awfull this system can be! In fact in the last 10 minutes i have been trying to solve a problem in the GK that gives me disconnect cause 11 in peak time for no reason(around 250 cocurrent calls)…

    Current Employee

    Let’s be realistic. Everyone on this forum kills for insider information.So, when somebody actually comes on the forum and gives real information the only people who defend Sysmaster are it’s management or employees with major deals on the line that are overcoming objectives (or possible resellers with deals on the line, but, nobody publically will admit their association). If you are in fact a happy customer than good for you. You are one of the few.

    There is a reason why there is no corporate profile on the website; Paranoia! How many people would like to know what Boris,Kirk,Plamen, or Martin looks like? “Sysmaster is the number 1 billing provider in the world!” How come nobody knows who owns the company?” Psychology 101 people. (I’ve had clients threaten to come to the office and get even)

    Mike Fahey is the number one reason why Sysmaster was successful. Now that he’s gone you can bet that myself and some others will be out as well.

    Current Employee


    That is because the system is at it’s max. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are referred back to your salesperson to purchase more hardware and increase database capacity.

    You might be better off contacting He is very good an honest.


    I can vouch for Saul as well, he has helped me through many problems. He is currently running the website which holds a forum that deals with primarily sysmaster issues and techincal support.

    Great guy, Great Forum.

    to current employee

    Ha-ha-ha! Mike Fahey, stop praising yourself in this forum. I mean c’mon, it’s too obvious it’s you. jeez…

    San to Toby

    uhh, i did not say he was fired, I said “if he was fired”, may be they are doing something to improve.
    I was trying to express opinion, and share my expirience working with sysmaster for about one year.
    But i guess if you a not cursing at sysmaster, you are declared an employee. I don’t think is fair.
    I have been helping other guys here and there solve some voip issues before, otherwise I am not barking, nor am I a dog.

    Current Employee

    This is not Mike Fahey and why would he even waste his time on this site. If you even know Mike you could tell by the writing who he is. At any rate I’ll make another point.

    How many sites do you see people destroying Cisco,Mera,NuEra,Quintum,CopperCom…etc. Point made again! Look at all the other threads on this site and then compare to all the negative press about Sysmaster. It’s all too obvious. I’m just waiting for Sybase to sue them.


    hey current employee, what the hell is your point? I mean you work for the company? It’s strange to shit where you eat. Why you giving us all this juicy stuff?
    Something’s fishy….


    I am looking for an Asterisk engineer to solve this problem I am having. Can you recommend one?



    Teodor Georgiev


    post your question on this forum or on the Asterisk mailing-list.
    Definitely someone will eb able to give you a good answer.


    Can you details of the problem.
    pl. give you contact


    Some information that you may find helpful guys:
    Everybody who knows how a company works also knows that people is not the company and money buys resources and people time as well as professional services.
    This is the case at Sysmaster, I was surprised with all the changes at the company, first on the external moving the company to a new building out of Emeryville in California, next hiring a complete team of specialist to support 24×7 customers at a total diferent level.
    -Reorganizing the visual and menu of the system grouping all services and configuration interface in a more effective way.
    -Re-designing several parts of the system as a response to the feedback of customers that are helpful to the development of the system that instead of WAYNING work toward the solution of problems.

    I do not know at what point the professionals that I read writing here turned into flea-market sellers, every guy that I read here has something bad to say about someone else, you waste too much time trying to express your frustration instead on finding solutions to your problem that probaly deserve the situation that each one is facing.

    My advice is to put away the wayning and wear the working sweatshirt to express where is the real problem that you are facing with this device, all problems I have faced have a solution.

    I will accept a comment about Sysmaster only from a Sysmaster user or owner, never from an ignorant that talks based on somebodies comment.

    Also is pathetic to hear the same crap in the forum all the time, make this a usefull tool not a comment banner for frustration.

    It will be more constructive to write all what you think about a company or about a person on a peace of toilette paper while you are sited in the restroom and ready to use it, than spending precious time in the forum with all the same stuff.

    Changing tasks: Does anyone has a problem that needs to be solved on a voicemaster? I am willing to help with positive comments and solve the problem, you can post it here or you can post it at I have no preference.



    This is following my question on the 7/21/05:

    We have developed an Intel chip that will revolutionize VoIP equipment. The strategy is to offer something above Sysmaster:

    What we have seen so far in the VoIP industry is that tons of resources are already available in software. The only thing hurting investors is reliable hardware that will allow:

    1. Thousands of concurrent calls
    2. Good price
    3. Good support

    We have developed a strong model that has resolved the above tree issues. What we are now looking for is input from the customer base (you), as to what sort of features you would like to have on a Gatekeeper for billing purposes and server access control. Taking the information straight from you, especially, from those that have had unpleasant experience with Sysmaster, we think, would be a very good source of requirement development analysis.

    We think we could deploy a complete VoIP architecture (emission and reception of phone calls + basic phone features + prepaid and postpaid PIN) for $30,000 or less. This will include training + support for minimal fees, as deemed necessary to make you happy.

    Our philosophy is completely the opposite of that of Sysmaster.

    We would like to help. We spent $17,000 on Sysmaster product, which are now taken offline and are sitting in a box at our warehouse. We approached those 4 months ago because we wanted to test the industry with something deployable out of the box. We quickly find out that we have chosen the wrong company since their philosophy is completely departed from ours.

    Send us some lines as to the requirements you would like to have on a gatekeeper for billing purposes.



    Why would you buy products that are not supported? Why not buy second hand Cisco AS5300 AS5350 or AS5400 something that really works.Use equipment that is certified in HUNDREDS of countries and has been tested to work & has software upgrades readily available? It is fairly easy to find a Cisco Certified technician who can upgrade your hardware & it works each and every day. You can use the Cisco PGW2200 for SS7/C7. There are stable billing systems & if you know how to implement the Cisco IP-to-IP Gateway with a radius billing sytstem & SER you are set. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them I have plenty of diagrams I can email you for VOIP network designs, no problem Cisco CCNA CCIE


    Sysmaster is moving their 24-7 support to Bulgarria! Yayyyyy!!! More frustrating Bulgarrians supporting the product. More like 3-4 underpaid non-english speaking teenagers who are just going to stall you until the following day. Good Job Shitmaster you’ve done it again! Thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 62 total)
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