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Real Sysmaster please stand up!

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    These guys are a joke. They fix a bug intrduce ten more in that fix. Indication that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Simply guys do not buy this product.


    TPMA u talk about bug fixing .. well, I laughed out loud on that one b/c the traditional sysmaster response to ur identifying a bug is that you should upgrade .. if you pry deeper u will realise why: they have no source code version control/management — ie, they can only debug the latest version, and would have deleted previous versions soon as a new one is released …

    Now, if u have had software experience, that is the most ridiculous way to manage software life-cycles ..

    ‘1st Hand VM Exp. guy’ got it spot-on .. its one massive choas out there .. and only their customers are losing ..

    Use this platform at your peril !!!!!


    Its to late to say that I have actual install and operating sysmaster and quintum solution today. However, the techinal team told me that everything is ready to be use for the calling card and the have re-direct me to systemaster and quintum for support. Please adive if I done stupid decision .!!!!!!!!!! sob.


    Hi all

    I was contacted by sysmaster because i’m looking for a VOIP gateway to manage 16 E1 with many concurent call.

    I get a good commercial contact but as i can read your different reactions it’s seems more or less usual for them.

    I had bad experience (mainly on support)with my previous ISDN switch and i don’t want to get it again with my voip equipement.

    But it’seems that systmaster is not a company giving a good support and the equipment is probably not on the top.

    So as your experience what are the alternatives ?

    Tks for your reaction

    yves (brussels – Belgium)


    Go yves, go for mera or nextone.



    Listening to your comments, I kind a feel gulty for owning Sysmaster, but now I have it, and before i bought it i also looked at mera.
    and to 1hand VM EXPRNNC,, sorry, but you sound too much like ex employ


    I have to admit I have some issues to work on, but have not expiriennced this horror stories yet, I hope I never will.
    mera is not billing., is not a gateway, is one softswitch, for dummy wholessale trafic,
    you have to use it with another billinng system, and to converrt protocolls you have to add another module and piece of hardware (which is nothing but a gataway)and then you have to get licence for codecs. it piled up.
    Plus no IVR, that was something extra. As the features went up, the cost went up, the nomber of calls – down.
    first they told me 1500calls, but then codecs were supporting only 300calls.
    The whole thing came up to more than 68 grand! with discountts. from 90.


    Sysmaser WORKS very good, make sure you commit your Sales representative to deliver the equipment with the configuration you request and that you will get support on the installation of your equipment and configuration of your application, there are some skillfull technicians there, like Delyan Radichkov.
    If you need to see applications and people posting about they’re applications, please visit you will see many people receiving response on what to do next or how to troubleshoot.

    Paul Voip

    This is the first time I see this forum and I am very supprised of the type of feedback Sysmaster is getting.
    We are use their product line Norfa. which is Sysmaster gateway with PBX and Voicemaster for billing and caller ID distribution.
    I have been working on this project for 8 months and we are now live in UK. soon will have some US subscribers also.
    This service is something like Vonage in US, but it’s hosted.
    I don’t know, why the headaches, we had engineer on site for installation and training for a week (paid) and he seemed to be nice and knowledgable.
    may be it’s your luck 🙂



    I think you hit the nail on the head. You actually paid for support and training. The majority of the people that are bashing Sysmaster have not paid for support and are trying to figure out how to use the system with no training.

    Paul Voip

    I even heard (not officially) that sysmaster is about to organize free training seminars, in their new office.
    I heard from someone by the end if the year. I called sysmaster and nobody could say for sure, but looks like as soon as October.
    If this happens, we are sending at least five guys there :).
    Does any one hve more details on this trainings?

    Current Employee

    Now that the Director of Sales, Mike Fahey is no longer with Sysmaster, watch the entire operation crumble.

    San, what does it matter if 1st Hand Voice Master Exp is an ex employee? Wouldn’t he/she be the greatest source for information? Ask Mike Fahey how he feels! Ask Erkan about his stress level! Ask any current employee how they feel about the company during off hours and they will tell you the truth.
    Also unless you spend 100K with them, you are basically meaningless. Sysmaster used to cater to the little guy but just got too damn greedy.


    Who cares what these names you mention feel! Do you care how Bill Gates feel and the level of stress any other executives have.
    The reason I pointed out that this may be an ex-employee, is that it makes the opinions expressed no longer neutral, we are looking for customer expirience, not fired cry babies complaining about their relationship with sysmaster.
    I hope one thing. if that sales executive was fired, may be it’s a move in good direction. May be all the complains so far I am watching here in this forum are the reason sysmaster will make moves like this.
    But interesting detail, do you have more inside stories 🙂


    I have to agree with San.
    When you go to Mcdonalds, do you care about the employees wages, or the quality of the burgers.
    It would be nice to give tips about voip products, but when this comes from outraged employees, it becomes political and misleading.
    Information from outraged ex, is as acurate as if their CEO comes here in the forum and starts praising the product. Who to beleive?


    san, nobody said anyone was fired, they said the “sales executive”left.
    Do you have inside information? or ARE you and PAul Voip the insider?

    If it barks like a dog, it probably is a dog.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)
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