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Real Sysmaster please stand up!

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    There is only one company on this entire web site that gets trashed. DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT FROM SYSMASTER! It’s not worth the trouble. Regardless if they have stolen sybase or have mastered manipulating Linux and Gnu… the amount of money you spend is not worth the hassle. You might as well hire your own code techs and work them full time to achieve the same result.

    same here too

    this is to Same, I total agree with you 110%.

    Voip Dog

    I am actually impressed with the level of support provided by the Sysmaster European team. It used to be that you would wait days to receive a response and now I receive responses mainly next day as soon as i come into the office. Time zone difference of course.

    Our box came with Sybase version 11, I do not believe the idiocy on some people thinking that this company has somehow skipped on paying Sybase for licensing.

    Also love the ODBC functionality, I can use Crystal Reports to make awesome reports by directly connecting to the Database.

    The only problem I’ve had was a problem with my GSM Gateway, they determined it was faulty, shipped a new one and now I have my SMS call back working again.



    Sysmaster does not pay licensing fees to Sybase. They never have and probably never will. I can’t wait for the day that someone contacts Sybase, or, Sybase back charges Sysmaster for every box that they have put out.

    This is a fact. Go ahead and ask them for some type of proof that they pay for it. Why the hell do you have to sign the Sybase disclaimer? Read it instead of just signing. It’s pitched as a document that says the user of the product will not alter the database. If you read carefully it shows that Sysmaster is NOT responsible for the database if and when Sybase decides to penalize the owner of the unit. Is everyone BLIND out there?

    Saul Bejarano

    Well it seems that this is a never ending conversation about licenses and all the crap.
    I have not seen any but believe me any single posting that will lead to a solution of a problem, everybody posting a message here against Sysmaster or saying how bad is it or licences, if it is not about Asterisk is about the GNUGK and now Sybase, I just laught reading all this stupidity, you all guys lost the focus of this business (PRODUCTIVITY) use what you have and use it well, In spanish there is a saying “If you receive from the sky lemmons, learn how to make a good lemmonade” so far despite all the bla bla bla about how bad or how this or that is Sysmaster I find it one of the best solutions available right now in the market, and I challenge anybody to show me something diferent.
    All people that I have served as a consultant is happy with the system and initially they were as frustrated as many people here, the only thing I showed them is the level of ignorance that they had begore getting into this business and opened them to a painfull learning procedure where they had to grasp the basics of the technology that they were working with, to help this process we even developed a Forum where we accept anybody who has something positive to post, a good question, a great problem, a new challenge, a configuration problem, people totally open to accept they’re mistake and learn how to do things better you can approach and see how almost 200 users found answer to they’re questions and now they exchange information at many levels.
    Sysmaster works and works good.
    As any other system as cisco, quintum or any other provider, patches, caveats and improvements are posted and issued constantly.
    I understand now about the Tecnical support issue, Most of the customers try to work a DO IT MYSELF scenario with no knowledge and as soon as they find a problem connecting they call technical support at sysmaster, what this companies need is a technician not a technical support engineer, there is not technical problem with the system, there is lack of knowledge of the technology H323 and SIP on the side of the customer.
    Many people will agree or disagree with what I am saying, however you all know that the problem here is not the car but the driver.

    Best Regards,

    ted to boris

    how do you know what they pay and what not.
    Are one of those “insiders”?


    Also please remember that Saul MAKES money off of helping frustrated Sysmaster clients. This is a WONDERFUL cause. Keep in mind that his strategy is to be pro-sysmaster and not to complain about them because he too would receive even shittier service than he has in the past.

    He knows the system and is a great help. No matter what he says Symaster is not the product to buy these days.

    Saul Bejarano

    I do support anybody and I have a forum that is free my dear friend.
    Come around and see how 159 users find FREE response to they’re question, when someone requires of my time dedicated to solve his problems I need them to pay for it, JELOUS? I betcha …
    At least I found a way to manage my frustration and learn about the system, it will be nice for you to move out of the shell of Ignorance that you have created around you and come out to the light of creativity.
    Move on dude, ask anybody who has received my service what they say now about Sysmaster.
    If I charged you too much and you are mad about it, I will give you a 10% discount next time but I do not waranty that I will be available.



    I was wondering about the license and went directly and asked Digium people, they replied that Sysmaster is licenced to use they’re code from asterisk and that YES Digium sells Sysmaster his cards as well as Zapata and other manufacturers, I was surprised how many people just open mouth about things hidding behind the anonimity that this site provides.
    Everybodies name is PP TT or Dark or Blue, I followed that guy Saul Bejarano on his presence with name and last name as well as email address, that I call a good way to FACE other people.

    Do not pay attention to this idiots Saul keep up the good work.
    By the way, I registered to the forum, eventhought I did not purchase Sysmaster system I have found good Cisco Information over there.

    Saul Bejarano

    Thanks Martin:
    I was as frustrated about Sysmaster as anybody else was at that time, but the system has changed a lot lately, I have survived since version 1.08 and the first developments, I have lost a lot of business oportunities untill I took time to go ahead and learn the box from head to toe.
    The system is still the same in escence, many things changed in radius, Registration, patches, Database activity, however I learned more about gatekeepers because voicemaster is basically a call authority and billing system for the network and learning about gatekeepers got more involved with signaling and with the rejection methods and why they happen and what conditions may be experienced with diferent gateways models and brands.
    Then I could understand where I was wrong.
    The system worked and worked better day by day, now I support 23 customers in a regular monthly basis, customers not only with Voicemasters but with Cisco IP to IP, Radius BIlling and Database CDR collection, I have migrated some of them to Voicemaster basic billing and you know trying to make a living also, nobody works for free now a day, more in an industry that generates tons of money.
    Then finally I have the trust of many customers thanks to the hard work and some of my free resources I placed them on the forum, I give up 2 hours daily to maintain and respond to questions on the forum, many other very knowledgeable people has joined the effort and more and more people is learning how to deal with responses that technical support at Sysmaster may not have unless they talk to a developer or higher engineer.
    visit the forum you will see what I am talking about.
    Thanks again for the support.

    Sybase – VoiceMaster

    Ted to Boris:

    I am an ex-employee of Sybase and
    a current employee of a company
    that uses SysMaster’s VoiceMaster.
    I think VoiceMaster is using a very old version of Sybase that was made available for free but it is not supported by Sybase.
    So SysMaster is not entitled to paying license fees to Sybase. (b/w the db is crap)
    Then there is the whole think about the gatekeeper being based on Asterisk. Basically what this means is that Sysmaster doesn’t pay a penny in license fees and
    they make a killer profit of a single unit sold. And then some of you wonder why SysMaster doesn’t provide root pwds to their clients or how come their prices are so low. Seems they have something to hide. The whole
    system is a fancy package for open source/free software.

    Martin B

    I have not found though any company, including that will offer me that for free, everybody says, get an engineer and will develop you something for a few investement? What waranties I have ? NONE, at least this fancy package seems to be working, I did not purchase Sysmaster equipment but I think that many systems began in the backyard of someones home like apple and Cisco, all systems are based on someones development wether this person is paid or is an idea that you grab in the street, it this case i see they used a code and integrated all in a package , last night I logged to Sauls site at and saw numerous posting of people pretty happy exchanged information on the usage of the system and how he says people exchanging and working with voicemaster system that seem to be very happy, I am wondering more and more, is this a plot of ex-workers that are not happy with the company or some kind of bad mouthing publicity that other sales people from other systems are trying to post? I really do not know, so far I have heard only that it does not work and nobody posted a real application where it did not work or under what condition it did not work, that way we can seize the level of expertise of the evaluator, don’t you think?

    Nice to chat with you guys

    Ted to boris

    I think you are just full of ….
    There is no way you worked for Sybase and make such statements.
    I administer Sybase for 15 years, and let me tell you, this version of Sybase is very robust.
    Also, do you home work better, no one is claiming asterisk based gatekeepr, people are talking about the IP PBX, dude!!
    And if you read below, you will see that Digium has licensed their software to Sysmaster.
    And by the way, they do distribute passowrd, if you are legal owner and paid in full. I was one of the first user to request it 5 months ago.
    But if you do not understand VOIP and linux, you will just do more harm than help to your self.

    Sybase – VoiceMaster

    so what you are stating is that sysmaster doesn’t use a free version of the sybase database,but a licensed one instead.
    so in this case let me check with sybase if sysmaster is paying any license royalties to them

    Saul Bejarano

    At least is running on Sybase not over Mysql like all the other crap that is around in the market.
    Personally I see the database very robust, I do not care if it is a version developed by the mother of the friend of a close neighbor of the guy that worked near the office of an ex-employee of Sybase, but it works pretty good, my question is, if you are so interested in this task why don’t you try going legal don’t you think that if this was something with unpaid fees Sybase would not have been the first company to jump over?
    You are loosing ground friend, next what? the debate will catch apache because apache is also free, or probably will Catch GCC because most of the C++ code of if.cgi is written in C++, or maybe we should check if the Kernel of linux is licensed right? because first kernel codes where also free 🙂

    Life is long and hard guys,

    Suck My Life.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 62 total)
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