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Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

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    our Sysmaster calback works fine, I was just asking if any other vendors can privide it in this price range, because I am not aware of any.
    because someone here keeps recommending Quintum, it does not work for callback, and many other good services, like number redirect, ip sentrex etc.
    this is what we get now from sysmaster.


    I am deciding whether to take Sysmaster to court in the US or Swizterland for gross negligence. Are there other companies out there that would like to pool resources ?



    There are multiple companies preparing lawsuits. I would suggest filing in the state of California since there really is no validity in Switzerland. I am sure that the other companies will not reveal their idenities at this time. Just go ahead and begin your process and you’ll see them come out of the wood work. There are a few on the East Coast, a few on the West Coast and one on an island not so far from California.


    hmm, what would that island be…


    Only the Brady Bunch can reveal that.


    How do you know that Sysmaster is not hosting this posting? Can anyone recommend a good engineer who knows about configuring the VM-SM7000 architecture.


    this may help you, I think they have help many others

    Warwick @ iios Communcations

    Hi Forum,
    I am running over 100 new SIPURAs off my sysmaster system and they are all configured exactly the same ( apart from different PIN numbers ).

    Does anyone else operate their voicemaster with SIPURA’s ?

    If so are you having any problems ?

    Please get in touch as there is an issue which I do not want to go into on this forum….. ( walls have ears ! )


    Teodor Georgiev

    If you do not want to discuss on a forum, the other solution is to go and pay a company for support / troubleshooting.


    Tell me what is your problem with the Sipuras.
    I read something about ghost calls.
    First I would like to know about the registration process, the parameters that you are using on the sipuras and also if you see the right registration on the voicemaster, if you need some help on this to make it work correctly just let me know, I am more than willing to take a look and comment on my findings.


    Calm down, boy! Where in my words did you read that I have a problem and need help to solve it?
    I am using SIPURA’s, but not with SysMaster. For ghost calls (on the FXO ports) – just configure correctly line supervision.


    Hello Forum,
    We have resolved the SIPURA issue.

    Please do not post replies using my name or assuming my identity – it tends to proove that you have an alternative agenda.


    Warwick, are you still willing to join resources for a lawsuit against Sysmaster for misrepresentation of product and egrogious sales behaviour?

    Tony Banks

    I bought a sysmaster voicemaster 3 years ago and now it doesn’t work. I was disappointed with the support, but I looked deep and realized, if you understand how VOIP works you should realize that Sysmaster is a billing platform/radius server. Not a softswitch. It is not an out of the box solution to make millions unless you know how to add the necessary components. (you got the documentation…Right?) If you are not Voip saavy, or don’t know how to configure dial peers in a cisco router, that’s on you, don’t expect this to be the catch all be all, with no work on your end. You really need to understand radius and ip port triggering. Once you take the load off of the system it does what it is supposed to do. It is a system billing manager not a work horse. When you drive a car does the power come from the gauges on the dashbord or from the engine under the hood? Only a fool would think that a 1U device is the answer to all of his telecom needs. They pretty much spell it out, but you need to read between the lines. If you are technically smart you should read the documentation and take advantage of the insight they provide. I have learned so much about voip, radius, and server applications, it’s unreal. I admire these folks because all they did was put together a sound billing, and accounting platform. ( for anything) It’s up to you to expound on it. I will admit support has it’s moments. And yes they might sell you something you can get elsewhere, or don’t need but if you are in the business don’t piss and moan because some company can take advantage of you because you don’t know what the F*&^ you are doing. Yeah you can get asterisk but can you setup the tables or put the GUI interface to it. The big boys use Nextone or Mind but they have the continuous big PC( Microsoft) issues that require maintenance on top of maintenance agreements with I have a partner that pays $3000.00 for per switch each month (Excel switches) running Rubix, and he was getting his VoIP billing from my sysmaster. I’m not swinging on their nuts,… and I must admit I have some pending issues but realistically when you look at it what else can you buy a total solution that isn’t tied up with some windows BS for 25 grand. The bottom line is you cannot beat the database views. That is where the true expertise is. I have worked with sonus, santera, nokia, alcatel, cisco and lucent and none of them have presented the ease of use, for everything like sysmaster. But I must admit sysmaster resembles the attributes from a few open source applications that none of us can afford or that we are not willing to develop ourselves. Bottom Line Voicemaster is a billing manager, not a call processor, or a switch or softswitch. Once you realize that you will be good to go.


    We have moved away from Sysmaster and now have a Nextone with IVR billing system. After 8 months of working with Sysmaster to resolve all the bugs, we finally got 3,000,000 minutes out of the system before we hit capacity. Glad to have moved.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 75 total)
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