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Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

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    ok roach, lets see your business.
    you talk crap…lets run some traffic on your system you got…

    you must be up and running by now…
    happy new year!!!

    Saul Bejarano

    You sound sharp.
    But your message is not straight, what do you mean with your comment?
    Smash Ali.
    What is the problem you experiment please share it with us so we can give you some help with that, sometimes the lack of knowledge about the tools available on the box to troubleshoot makes support engineers blind to see the problem and problems are really easy to identify.


    Roach said he bought eyebill, etc…It looked like an advanced solution.
    I do not believe, based on his posts, that he has the capability to run a voip business.

    So, Saul, run traffic on his Eyebill system, I gaurentee he has big issues.


    I requested a qote from eyebill myself some six month ago, they almost took my eyes, right arm and a leg for it, they sell it based on the amount of minutes that you plan to use, that is not how I want to buy a system.
    I am sure eyebill is not the alternative to run traffic, I prefer to give another chance to my voicemaster and keep working with this idea that looks good and the integration is working now, I also tested WebCDR they have a cool billing engine via radius, you also can have your own radius that they collect it from you, you generate statements and change rates directly on they’re systems, Sysmaster in order to make people understand the platform should sell partitioning on active voicemasters, that way a customer could get the know how of working with the equipment and running traffic over it before he jumps into purchasing one.


    I have sysmaster billing server. We are looking to buy a redentant server but do no want to buy sysmaster. We have some calling cards in the market. we are looking to buy another billing server that will work with sysmaster. So our existing accounts and pins work with the new server.

    Pls let me know if nayone can help!




    If anyone reading this buys anything from sysmaster, you are a FOOL. I purchased the 7000 and had a sysmaster engineer on the phone for weeks. It never worked. I returned the unit and now sysmaster wants to keep 90% of what I paid for their fees. Needless to say, my company is filing a classaction lawsuit. If you are interested in adding your name to the suit, send an email to You may share in the $$ judgement.

    here is the manual for this radius based application, I imagine that there are hundreds of providers like this for radius based billing.


    Can you explain to us what type of application they could not set up on your box? it is interesting to know what they could not achieve.

    Noname to Saul

    Since you mentioned the brand, I am running advanced voip billing.
    That is the name.
    After listening to the horror stories of $35.000 and still not working with a sysmaster, I feel fortunate.
    This guys installed the system remotely without a cent, charge based on the ammount of ports, and the whole billing plus CDR server for a system with 24 ports still under $3000.00 dollars.
    Not fency, but works. And the heck, still $27.000 ahead of the fellow complaining about sysmaster.

    MD Roach

    Well… It´s been a long time since I don´t check this, i´ve been very busy and it´s interesting to see i´m not the only one choosing some solutions other than sysmaster too, that means that i´m not the only one that has had problems with them.
    About what Bob said some days ago, well.. I can tell you that i´m working now and everything is fine, my VoIP bussines is really different than the mayority of the people that posts here, I´d be glad to let you try my solution but I´ts just not possible, I don´t sell traffic as many people do. About the billing comments I did, all I said is what option I choose, I cannot say if it´s too expensive or too cheap or anything like that, it just works for me, anyway everyone is free to choose what they want I just said what I choose.
    Of course I also choose a solution for SIP server and everything else but I don´t want to look like I´m doing some type of cheap advertisement for anyone, like i think someone might i´ve thought I did the last time.

    Thanks and good luck

    Well.. hope you all can find a solution that works for you and that we all have learned who to do business with and who not to do business with.


    I have been a customer of SYSMASTER for two years. I am reading all your posts on Sysmaster. For those planning on buying their stuff I have one advice DON’T.

    Here are the issues: Open source software without full disclosure, t heir gateways use software compression and not DSP like Cisco’s therefore causing the system to drop calls when 1/2 capacity is reached, There sales people overhype their products, They hold the root and sa passwords to your systems and their support people will come in to your system and make modifications without your knowledge or permission. Their capacity is overstated by their sales people they can not even handle 1/4 of the minutes.


    once again, another noname talking crap.
    The dsp issue has nothing to do with drop calls or capacity.
    Support does not log in w/o authority, maybe you should secure your own network; THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
    capacity is not overstated, LEARN TO READ

    Quite possibly you are just a cheap bastard who wants to do everything cheaply.


    Oh, I forgot,
    why is it that there are no other issues with other billing systems.
    The answer is they do not have more than a handfull of customers.
    One sale and they pay the mortgage and feed the kids for a year.

    If you guys learn to run your busineess like pro’s, you would not talk shit.
    I beleive this BS comes from 1 guy.
    Get a life…we still can’t run traffic on your totally unique network.

    Another Noname to Bob

    Aparently you gorgot to take your medicine again, my friend.
    Please calm down.You may get even a stroke and this conversation is only about billing system.
    Imagine when we start talking about how to split the profits of the bussines.
    We could all argue technically without name calling.
    A friend of mine is using Voicemaster.
    He is calling it quits, after several years.
    he still looking for a replaement, and there are not many, but he does not want to go back to Voicemaster.

    Again, remain calm. We have them surrounded.

    Noname Sinnombre

    Helping the voip community

    Whoever is experiencing a problem with Voicemaster and needs help, I will give 2 hours session per individual to solve the problems that you may be experiencing at no charge, send me a detail explanation of your problem to and it will respond in the order received, the solutions will be posted in the forum to help everybody who has a similar problem if you agree.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 75 total)
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