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Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

  • This topic has 74 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 14 years, 8 months ago by SYSMASTER MORE BAD NEWS $$$.
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    Hello every one here.
    SM&VM not so bad systems, but cost not so much as sysmaster sells.
    Sm&Vm products must be open source products, since they consist of OpenSource modules.
    I know a good forum where you can ask a question to engeneers of VM&SM solutions for free –

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    Can anyone tell me how to allocate virtual phone numbers to end user account in VM or one end user can call the other?

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    reply to MD Roach

    Boris is Sysmaster sole proprietor. Your patent guy may have laughed from his ignorance. But I’m sure he laughs from yours… all the way to the bank.

    My bet is that ‘bob’ here is actually Boris. It just seem to me that he is taking this thread too personally for a Sysmaster “happy customer”.

    Take it easy guys.

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    Hi ,

    I have a problem with my VM.

    I have one A-Z provider and I assigned the buying rates in the Provider and the selling rates in the Rate Table. But the problem is when I check the ” Call statement” in wholesale account for that customer it shows for example: 0.008 /min but it also shows 0.008/min in the Provider! which instead it should show a lower rate, since that is our buying rate. It seems that when i get a call history from eather the provider or wholeslale account, in eather case it shows the selling rate( higher one). Which can casue problems if I want to bill the provider.
    Your help will be greatly admired,

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    Calm down BOB or Boris. Why don’t you disclose to all of us the open source software you are using without complying with the open source license, also if the DSP issue does not have anything to do with the drop calls what does.

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    Dear guys, so far there is no something similar to voicemaster or sysmaster in the market, the day that you make Asterisk or GNUGK look like a voicemaster, then you will be able to charge whatever you want for the system, by now the only great ability I see here is to argue about the same stupidity again and again, what good you make yourself or others challenging something that already exist, has a place in the market and at this moment is sold like hot bread? better accept it, Sysmaster may have used an opensource gatekeeper but has worked also a lot on the integration of that open source with the database and who says it is a bad equipment is just an idiot with no clue about this, I may have had my problems with support at a given moment and we are talking about voicemaster being developed more than 3 years ago, so it is a long way guys for an equipment sold under a great idea, the integration of multiple services under one single database, whoever feels himself good enough to talk about this challenging it, better look at your own achievments before looking like an idiot in arguments that have no basis.

    Keep a positive attitude, help other to solve problems, visit us at if you want to see what we do to help other people that has problems with Voicemaster equipment or Quintum equipment or even Cisco equipment, do you think that all patches released by cisco are because everything works great? problems may always exist, ATA 186 used to be a Comodo little h323 box now is a cisco branded equipment, Sipura used to be a SIP little box, now is a Linksys/Cisco equipment and all this companies were great ideas also, don’t you see the target of great ideas is being sold?

    I see here people with No names, no identity probably with comercial interest on sales trying to pound on the pretige of other companies and that is not the purpose of the forum, this forum was designed to help and inform in a positive way what can be done to move forward, I think you got the message guys.

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    stanley jobson

    the truth about the voicemaster and sysmaster is there is nothing wrong in the product , its the cusotmers who makes things complicated.
    Without proper traning if you do anything stupid the DB may crash.
    there is no point in talking against a company unless we have a strong reason to point to..
    im using 1.8 (the stable version i know) for last 6 months. i have never expericed any problem , because i know the system . For other you may find problem because by doing something stupid will bring the system down.

    before using any system , try to understnad what the system can do and what your requirements are. compare it , if matches then buy it. the person who operates voicemaster or anyother GK should have a thorugh understanding about the GK concept.Once you have the knowledge VM is nothing different.

    i have worked with SM7000 as well, there is nothing wrong with the product , Im using it for calling card as well as call back.
    if guys are facing problems , mail it to me , i will explain why this is happening.

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    Warwick Hill

    I am running the latest Sysmaster software and applications like callback and Managed Services Modules etc and we are experiencing ghost calls on our system.

    Our customers use Cisco and Sipura IAD’s to make their calls thru our system, and this worked without a hitch on version 2.0 but now we are experiencing problems with false calls.

    We are being billed by the carriers for these calls even though there isn’t a voice call sent….just the call setup messages.

    I want to know if anyone else experienced this problem with their VM – and more importantly how they solved it.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance.


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    The truth about Sysmaster, is that its a rip-off con-artiste company .. bundling opensource code that they support terribly, heavily lying in their marketing about the scalability of their platforms .. if they say, it can process 3k simultaneous calls (read 150 – 300) .. they use their customers as guinea pigs and constantly release code which has been untested .. their attitude to support is communist (ie, who authorised you to ‘claim’ u have a problem 😉 ).

    I am sure all positive posters here are from sysmaster. Base your business on this platform at a massive risk to your business success.

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    Hi all

    I was contacted by sysmaster because i’m looking for a VOIP gateway to manage 16 E1 with many concurent call.

    I get a good commercial contact but as i can read your different reactions it’s seems more or less usual for them.

    I had bad experience (mainly on support)with my previous ISDN switch and i don’t want to get it again with my voip equipement.

    But it’seems that systmaster is not a company giving a good support and the equipment is probably not on the top.

    So as your experience what are the alternatives ?

    Tks for your reaction

    yves (brussels – Belgium)

    #28047 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev

    Take a Quintum CMS.
    Not expensive and very reliable.
    Nothing similar to Sysmaster.

    #28048 Reply

    depends on what are you looking to do with the equipment.
    If we are talking about calling card gateway and billing, quintum can not compare to sysmaster.
    I could not find Callback equvalent in Quintum.
    for passthru traffic only , may be.

    As far as support, no suggestions.
    so far i have not received good support from any of the vendors i have tried. Nortel could not configure their own H323 switch, cisco keeps asking for paid support…and don’t even mention welltech, still sitting in my closet.

    it looks like the industry is young and they are all the same.
    If you can learn how to operate your equpment, you can avoid frustration with support.

    #28049 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev

    Quintum can work pretty well in calling card applications. They just do not offer a billing.

    Buy a good billing for prepaid calling cards and Quintum will do wonders.
    Also, Quintum are going to release an extended IVR / TCL support till the end of the year.

    As regarding to support – Quintum support is very good (if you pay for it).

    Of course Cisco (and any other vendor) will ask for tech support.

    If you buddy, sell cars, do you sell free repair and maintenance for them? Of course, not.

    Welltech – if you really have hard time with it, I can bring it up for you in 10 min.

    Contact me at

    #28050 Reply

    I still do not see how I can use Quintum for anything other than simple calling card with no bells and wistles.

    My major business is Callback in europe – WEB , SMS and ANI callback.
    As of 6 months ago Quntum did not have Callback, do they have now?

    Call me crazy, but so far I could not find anything to replace my tandem Sysmaster-voicemaster for Callback Services
    Any suggestions?

    #28051 Reply

    Voicemaster – SM 7000 combination works perfect on call back, did you experience any problem to the moment?

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