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Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

  • This topic has 74 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 17 years, 8 months ago by SYSMASTER MORE BAD NEWS $$$.
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    MD Roach

    As a startup, we did 3 months of research, consulted top people and got quotes from various solutions providers.

    Here is our experience with SYSMASTER:
    Basically they are DECEPTIVE in the way they sell you product.
    Boris, whoever he is, is extremely ignorant about NAT TRAVERSAL. Sad.
    I forwarded one of his email responses to one of the NAT derivitive patent holders…and he laughed so hard at the idiocy and ignorance.
    They seem to have a very well designed BILLING system.
    We never found out if the crashes were true, we returned the whole thing back in 7 days.
    Crappy technical support, ignorance and total deceptive upsell strategies made us return it.
    And it took a week to get an RMA from these people.
    Seems this forum has people complaining about the system crashing and database instability.
    Even for free with hacked unlocked, I would PASS.
    We are combining various solutions from other companies to produce a much more HONEST, MODULAR, and stable system for LESS.


    thats total rubbish.
    Ive used the system for 1.5 years and it works.

    You got your money back…did’nt you, as you said in the other post.

    The fact is, I send traffic to 4 other Voicemaster s and I rarely have issues.
    Billing is very important. VM is the best we have seen.

    Honza Vomacka

    > VM is the best we have seen.
    How many others have you seen? I can name just a few things:
    – Inability to place a rate change in the future (so if your vendor changes rate at midnight, which us 6am your time – you have to get up at 6am and very quickly put the data into the system, or you will get billing mismatches)
    – Inability to say “this account/PIN can only use service on that gateway according to this tariff” (the special number feature in VM is much less limited)
    – Inability to import carrier rates in the original CSV/XLS file
    – No built-in visual invoice template editor
    Look at PortaBilling100, most of the VoiceMaster users were really impressed with billing features you get there.


    Dear All,

    I have been experiencing the same problems. I would be grateful if any body could let me know of a billing platform out there at a similar price with similar functionality and specification.

    Please send your response to


    Which billing system can you recommend?


    PD: For MD Roach. How can I contact you?

    Darwin Roach

    well.. I can tell you that we’re going to buy a billing solution from Eyebill now, they are very good people to deal with and their solution looks state of the art, right now we’re finalizing the negotiations with them, we’ll be installing it next week but for what we’ve tested it looked much more better that the solution we were getting from Sysmaster.



    My company is looking for alternative software to replace the RODOPI billing solution.

    Sysmaster seems to be half the price of PortaOne.

    Any comment about SYsMaster? Should I go for it?


    Honza Vomacka please can you write me to send me indications on sysmaster.

    Honza Vomacka

    It’s very simple: imagine two car dealerships, both sell “cars”. One dealership sells you the normal loaded car. Other sells you a cheap “basic” version of the car, without the “non-essential” parts, e.g. windshield, parking break, … (which of course they say you can purchase later!). So the second car is cheaper – and you buy it, but very soon realize that it is very inconvenient to drive in the rain without a windshield, or to leave the car on the hill without parking break 🙂 You go back to the cheap dealer, purchase the missing parts – hey, it looks like now you paid the same or probably even more comparing to what you would have paid to the first dealer… 😉
    PortaSwitch is supplied with the unlimited license, source code, all available modules. Plus updates are free and new features included into the future updates are free as well.

    Saul Bejarano

    I have to give the credit of a really stable and operational development with Verion 2.0 on VOICEMASTER, I experienced a lot of problems with the database but seems that all that was caused by a bug on the firmware upload, my CPU utilization skyrocketed constantly and my gatekeeper locked as well as the database, but with this new version I have had no problems with my voicemaster and have runned so far 5 Millon minutes this month on Routed Mode.
    But if you ask me about upgrade or changes, forget it I will leave it like it is for till the Hard-disk stops spinning.

    Sysmaster 2.0

    Can Saul contact me so I can verify which Voicemaster version he has, as I have just purchased a system to do SMS callback, Device to phone and web dialler.

    The Sysmaster needs to be sorted out as there problems….can you email me please…


    You have to upgrade your voicemaster to the latest version.

    SYsmaster Customer

    Don’t touch Sysmaster. The product is appauling, support is terrible and you will run your business to ground in no time.

    Sales people are the worst, technical support is unbelievably CRAP and the product is very very unstable. They overstate the capabilities and it simply does not work.


    I am running version 2.0 and it is working great, also guys if you need assistance, I have a lot of free time that I would like to dedicate to help, I prepared a forum for only Sysmaster and applications related using Cisco and Quintum or VM 7000, please join us at and let’s be proactive trying to use what we have the best way we can, I can help and if it is not me anyone of the users of the forum, but lets work our solutions and help eachother to make our system do what we want it to do.

    Smash Ali

    I have sysmaster. I regret buying it. We know more than their support people. They are useless. When you talk to them they are very good at it. Once you buy it you’re stuck with it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 75 total)
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