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Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

  • This topic has 74 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 16 years, 7 months ago by SYSMASTER MORE BAD NEWS $$$.
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    T Banks

    To the gentleman that is using Nextone, I am glad that you have solved your issues. I am not hell bent on Sysmaster. I have talked to my account rep and he said he will get me up and running again. I have another friend who is Bulgarian, and he is super paranoid about these folks. After checking out some things, now I know why. I’ll save that for later. I just hope they will assist me on getting my platform back up. As for Mr. Saul you seem to be the expert. I have a couple of questions for you. Since the views I saw were virtual tables where are the actual tables stored? Is there anyway to backup the system?


    Hi Mr Banks,
    If you are having problems with your account manager and they cannot / will not get your system up and running – we can do a deal on my present system ( still running and doing about 750,000 minutes per month ) with full back up server etc….



    what a mockery of a company and technology. Please never, ever fall in the trap of buying anything from them, do not believe anything positive written about them in this post. It simply does not work and will take your business down before you know it. My company could write a book, we are seriously considering suing them. Currently sitting in a box waiting for the garbage man.
    You are warned


    hey guys i have read all the Topic then i Must say that you are not able to talk about this line of equipmets for this simple reason
    – you are not qualified persons , you are black holes because you look for problems in equipments i mean this is not a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that you can plug and tur it on, even for NES you have to read the manual or ask tou your father to help you how to connect it OK. now i recomend to you people not to talk about an equipmet that in your entire life could be made by you(i mean your own hands) try asterisk and you in the future will write post about asterisk is BAD , try to be objectives, you must read a lot, dont spend your time in chat, you must to prepare for the future and learn a lot of things that will come
    regards Amigos

    Teodor Georgiev to Elovera

    Yes, yes…

    All we are unqualified. You are the only one qualified here.

    Please, spare me 🙂


    sorry, Teodor I did not want to refer to people like you , I refer to the people that have bad atitude with products that never could be done By them, so i repeat this post, your Post i think is a better solution.

    If you do not want to discuss on a forum, the other solution is to go and pay a company for support / troubleshooting.

    and sorry for all the people in this topic who is objetive 🙂 i did not refer to you

    Teodor Georgiev


    yes, I have vast experience in VoIP, have tested (worked) with many softswitches and billing systems.

    I can fully declare that SM/VM is a crappy product. Or at least – it was such one. Since some time I am doing my best to stay away from it.

    Even worse, SM/VM is not only a crap, but a STOLEN crap. I think that you know what SM/VM is built on – stolen GnuGK, stolen Asterisk (though I heard that they agreed to pay something to Digium) and stolen SyBase.

    Who (a person in his right mind) would buy such a thing ?


    Hey Sysmaster Customer, first update,test and then talk it.



    I’d like to add my boot to the sysmaster bashing. I have nearly 15 years experience in the Internet industry, and a few in VOIP. Sysmaster have the worst attitude to customer service I have ever encountered. Somewhere between malicious and apathetic. I have dealt closely with many hardware and software providers over the last decade, and sysmaster have very clearly distingushed themselves as the absolute worst.

    We used them primarily as a h323 besed calling card platform. It is almost embarassing to think of what chosing voicemaster has cost us in lost revenue and lost business. We are currently desperate to move away, but because of the extent we have depended on them this is proving very difficult.

    I can certainly understand why people would want to sue them.

    I should point out I am not assoiciated with any voip hardware / software vendors, just AFIK, a typical sysmaster customer. Over a barrel, and desperate to get off.

    Albert Madeleine

    Then you would not care to share your name with us right?


    Contact me and I will tell you how we migrated to another system…… and we are now running more than double the traffic without any issues



    will sue them anytime for damage to our business, improper tech support, and experimentation on our business.


    First and foremost, how many successful implementations of the Sysmaster NORFA systems are live today making revenue with more than 1000 customers? NONE. This system is designed to work with calling cards. It is a joke they want to as of current sysmaster web site, push Triple Play services. This will NEVER work with their platform. Their CEO does not want to spend revenue on R&D ..If you do not believe ask to see where they do Q&A for their products.

    Time and time again people and companies have spent a good deal of money from 10K for a gateway to 500K plus for their failed broadband voip services . If you have turned up substantial revenue to come up with a decent or any type of return of investment please post it here. Business model, etc.

    Thanks and have a gin and tonic on my behalf…




    There are no deployments of norfa that work.
    None zero.

    And forget about getting your money back. They won’t pay.

    Take us to court. In essence, you are screwed.

    NOW how about a nice mesh system???


    Here is somthing to add to the BAD NEWS.

    from what i read here i see that all of you are unhappy of sysmaster products (except for the few sysmaster employees that post here), I AM TOO, VERY UNHAPPY. but i also think that I have OVERPAID it. could you please tell me how much you paid and what you got? let’s see if they went this way too.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 75 total)
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