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Answer supervision

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    Does any one have the dip switch settings for FXO to allow the Carrier Access channel bank to function with a Cisco 3810?

    Does the same problems exist with 3810 as for a AS5300 with the CAC?


    Rommel –
    Is the answer supervision timing a feature of the AS5300 or is it a feature of the Carrier Access channel bank?


    There is a channel bank on the market that has a voice activated answer supervision feature. They are distributed by Atlantic Communication Products. Ask for the P32mxi Intelligent Channel Bank.


    Aushman – should work regardless it would depend on the egress interface cards on the CAC.

    Jafon – Same things apply with 3810 as the 53000.

    The issue is with the CAC.

    Junior – those are expensive, it may be good to get one that is intelligent enough to send it at the appropriate moment, i.e. pleiades or Adtran, but i guess it doesnt matter as long as it works.


    Can some one send me a working config of the controler T1 part and CAC channel Bank DIP switch settting to work with Cisco AS5300 T1 model.Also if possible tell me the IOS version.

    Send to my hotmail account


    Does any one have any sample configuration to configure CISCO AS5300 for DTMF Wink signalling?


    My 3810 was successfully configured after a switch was made to SIP protocol instead of H.323. It seems that many are moving to SIP protocol because of more “robust signalling performance”.

    Also the codec is not specified in the configuration in order to allow the default codec (G.729r8) to operate. It appears that explicitly stating the codec causes a problem.

    I am still not certain what caused the problem with the Carrier Access but the connection through it is now okay.

    Answer supervision is still a problem and from a price point view the Pleaides with it voice detection capability is the better choice out there. This also can be solved by utilizing a billing service or NOC that can provide answer detection. Especially with its ability to be controlled remotely.


    Mohammad –

    How did FXO ground start function on the Carrier Access channel bank using analog lines?

    Does using ground start (which is often associated with battery reversal) provide answer supervision?

    I am running IOS 12.2.7b Enterprise VOIP/VOATM with IPSec56 on a MC3810.
    My MC3810 was successfully operated using standard loop start setting as specified in Carrier Access manual.

    Answer supervision is not there locally.


    I need to set up my Cisco AS5300 to block caller ID. Does anyone knows how to do it ?


    Does anyone know how to block caller ID with a Cisco 5350, or with any other device?


    Blocking caller ID may be done if you knwo the dialing sequence used in the particular country.

    For example in the US, *67, will block Caller ID. By using the prefix command in the dial-peer set to the appropriate code, ie. *67, you should be able to block the caller ID
    Check the Cisco site on how to use “prefix” command in dial-peers


    The Pleiades is a fantastic solution to the answer supervision issue. We were experimenting with a number of methods but operating constraints and time did not allow for all the possiblities. The Pleiades solutions was a definite winner. The tech support is excellent also. You can buy a device to allow for network support. If the setup is not easy enough for you the tech support is excellent. If you set up a PC nearby with PcAnywhere the tech support can remotely check configuration and assist. Excellent product. On initial tests got a 70% ASR result from regulatory auditors in the UK.

    — A happy customer.

    Zafar al masood

    I want to start VOIP / Voice with 30 Landphone Lines. Could any one Suggest me what types of equipment should best & least prices?
    I am also seeking a provider.

    Andy Linkens

    I am trying to configure a Cisco AS5300 with SIP. The T1 is connected to an Adtran TSU100 channel bank with a phone connected to the first port and CAS is enabled. When I call a Cisco SIP phone I am only able to get a one-directional call. The AS5300 is not sending any voice packets.

    I am using E&M on the AS5300 and Tandem-LS on the Adtran. All other configurations on the Adtran refuse to give dial-tone.

    Has anybody experienced similar problems with T1 and CAS? If so how did you solve this problem?


    Hmm one way voice….do you have a firewall? Do you have ip routing enabled? Is the proper SDP being sent from the end that is not getting rtp?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 103 total)
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