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Answer supervision

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    I have 2 pleiades devices and want to config them,but i dont have consol cable.can i make it? How is its pinout?
    please ask me any one who know ?

    Jafar Mohamed

    I have a Cisco AS5300 connect to a E1 R2 line. my proble is that i have calls hanging on my router which accumulate and later cause my router to stop calling. can someone tell me what is wrong. output for sh call act vo br is as follows

    1217 : 198106hs.1 +-1 pid:1001 Originate 77725420601440 connecting
    dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0
    Tele 1:0 (107): tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0 acom:0 i/0:0/0 dBm

    1218 : 198896hs.1 +-1 pid:1015 Originate 777254462535 connecting
    dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0
    Tele 1:0 (109): tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0 acom:0 i/0:0/0 dBm

    1219 : 199119hs.1 +-1 pid:1001 Originate 777254202733208 connecting
    dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0
    Tele 1:0 (111): tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0 acom:0 i/0:0/0 dBm

    Ramon Hernandez

    Hi, I have a Quintum AXM800 but answer supervision is not working. I have configured this parameters and it still give false supervision.
    set st 3
    set tbs 2
    set ad 60000

    I have set signaling type to 1, 2, 3 and it is still not working.
    I have set tbs 1, 2, 3 and not working.

    Does any have had this problem before?

    my email is



    Hari krishna Musunuru

    zzzzz call me 9440277881 for voip ..bye

    Ramon Hernandez

    I want to block 1500 telephone numbers(not to send calls to these numbers) in a Quintum Gw DX2030, is there a way to do that using these two hardwares? I am also using an alcatel OmniPCX PBX

    wilson boyrie

    If the 1500 numbers have the same prefix, that will be easy.
    If the numbers are all very diferent, that will be dificult.

    You wanted to block calls to a group of 1000 consecutive numbers:

    Block 732 945-1000 to 732 945-2000.

    On the hop off directory, make a entry
    713 945-1* At the same time, apply a replacement that sends the calls to a number that does not exist, or provide a busy tone.

    The call will not be “blocked”, the call will try to go out, but it will not reach the destination.

    Not too elgant of a solution, but works.

    Best luck.

    Raul Masaya

    I´m from Guatemala and I am selling some targets from a Clarent Pc three of them are suscriber targets with four rj11 jacks. If any of you are interested please send me and E-Mail

    all of us


    I am sure we are all very happy that you are selling Targets, but I am not sure how that relates to Answer Supervision, or even how it relates to the overall of this forum which is to ask and provide technical help.

    Maybe in the future you can try selling your items in a forum that is for such actions and stop adding to topics that are already too long with information that probably no one here cares about.


    Im interested in CDMA cellsocket, if you can give me more details would really appreciate.



    i have router 3700 for center and 18 router cisco 1721 for other node please help me to config these routers for link device voip(level one)

    Satish Patel

    i need cisco 5350 complet configuration sample file anybody give me that


    I have a problem with our 5300, first, it seems call went through from IP to PSTN, but when there no sound (no audio, from either side), Second, one PSTN side hangup the phone, seems 5300 did not send BYE back to SIP Server. Can someone please help me?


    Noe Lana

    Hello, Im noe from makati city, philippines, i’m a newbie on voip, and right now im setting my AS5300 using DID (e1-r2) and DOD (e1-r2),now the problem is, we have a hotline numbers for DID which a users/callers call that, but it didnt give a ringback tone [3 rings are fine]. Where should i configure this? on my AS5300 voip-gateway or in my SIP server?

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)
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