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    can u send me information a baout mini_link:
    how transmit and resieve data in air (between two dish antenna)?
    thanks very much

    Marco Fuentes

    Hi my name is Marco Fuentes from Mexico and I have a big problem with a link of Ericsson 1 T1 looks broken but i check the pin in the conector of the smu and with the pin of the dsx and the cable is ok, well the problem that i have is that i can´t find the SOFTWARE for minilink and i don´t know is this software go to works over windows xp profesional somebody help me maybe i loose my job for this problem..

    thax a lot for any help.


    Iwant to know why use Site Master and BER in the telecom sector.

    1what is Link Budget?
    2Please tell me the step to configure BTS and MW?


    Hallo for everyone. I have big problem with my RBS2202. It doesn’t work. I need you Help in finding Ericsson OMT Interface of any version. And I need a manual for this programm. Please Help me, one of my emails is


    hi marco you told us about SMU so you have protected link 1+1 so chech the SMU maybe the problem its not making switching between main and second IDU………

    syed akbar

    we r doing soft switched in gsm system.

    we are making one call ,the call is connected after some times,segmentation fault is come to system.

    how do rectified this problem can you expalin.


    I would like to find out if there are any considerations for cross-band isolation of antenna between gsm900 and cdma450 sector antennas.


    Pls inform me
    What is Link budget?


    hi what is the difference between the MSC and MSC the HLR,VLR what the main jopes


    Thatayaone Isau

    Hello, I want to thank all those who have been giving valuable help in this section.It is a good way of exchanging ideas and expand our Telecom knowledge and skills.Well, to come to the point I am Radio Enginner(Ericsson’,RBS 2000 series), and I have a problem but it is related to external alarms.Can anyone help me do deal with ‘Dual aircon operation’ alarm.

    Thanks in adavance


    Hi All,
    I want to know each and everything about the BSS. Mainly BSS in CDMA system

    Usman Malik

    hi i am BSS engineer i want to know about Minilink Traffic Node as we have installed it in nearly 100 sites but we are getting alarms in MMU4-34 and 64 such as
    Switch alarm for 1+1(Unable to protect)
    E1 alarm (LOS)
    although the sites are up
    thank you


    hi all ,please is there someone who can help me,its verry urgent,when i have power on one RBS 2207 and after that softwar was download from the bsc the tru’s was not operational,we checked the scripts from the bsc ,no mistake was detected so i thought taht the pb was in transmission but after checking it ,it was ok;so i want to know where is the pb?


    Hi all,

    Kindly for the persons who knows about indoor covearage design, i need some inforomation regarding the budget calculation and the equipments which we can use to print out the results colored for readings,and if it’s possible to do it by normal TEMS or not plz advice me.

    ThanX in advance


    Hi All,
    I want to know each and everything about the BSS. Mainly Ericsson’s RBS2202,Minilink-E also tell me the general questions which can be asked from any BSS Engineer during interview

Viewing 15 posts - 196 through 210 (of 253 total)
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