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    A. Reha Ramadan Ali

    I worked in a telecom company as Radio and satellite Station, I’ve been shifted to new section “Mobile Section”.
    I’d like to know about the RBS 2202, RBS 2206. May anyone give me Info. about how the system works? how the RF signals flow in and out? Input/Output power levels, receive sensitivity level.
    I want to know about the functioning of the duplexer, multicoupler, combiner and the TRX cards, and ect. (Nokia, Errission, motorola). anything would be appreciated. Thank you you all.

    arief akbar

    i need to know the use off BIAS-T
    at Nokia BTS,,,and which one better using BIAS-T or convesionally using EMP/lighting arrester


    shaleen srivastava(india)

    Arslan Sir
    i’m working on NOKIA ultrasite Edge BTS
    but i have confusion regarding commissioning i could not able to get the meaning of every setting which we apply there
    some of the details i knew but there are lots more which are still locked
    can u please put some light on my prob.


    hello i’m honey i’m new in this communication field i’ve seen the installation of bts and its commisioning i want to know more about it and am also bit confused between the two feeder cables running from one antenna. would you pleas make clear between the TRX and diversed port of antenna (i.e. + and -)


    Hi All,

    can anyone suggest some GSM Antenna Vendors who can supply , the antennas at optimum cost .

    already i am using Kathreine ,Andrew , RFS& Andrews in my n/w . kindly suggest other than this .


    sir, may i know the features &specialityn of nokia bts as com pared to other company bts

    shaleen srivastava

    respected sir
    why these days communication equipments are powered by negative graticule?

    Lijo Johny

    i am working in an installation and commissioning company.
    i would like to know more about bts working.
    can anyone plz explain the working of ericsson RBS2206 or RBS2204.
    the functions of various modules in it.

    shaleen srivastava(INDIA)

    hello everybody

    can anybody tell me the fullform of
    “EDGE” tech.

    and one more thing
    i have found that the main diff in fiu19 and fiu19E is the 10baseT port
    can anybody tell me the use of that port.

    waiting for ur reply


    anyone is ignoring this question ,is nobody know it:
    difference b/w the ultra BTS and Metro BTS.??
    I would like to know that why BTS we are giving the -ve supply.

    How much power consumed by 1 TRx,and total power consumed by bts.

    How much Max power ,we can give in 1 GSM antenna


    hai mian
    which BTS u r using?
    is it nokia?


    HI hassan butt
    There are two types of signalling in is BCF or OMU signalling another one is TRX(TRU)signalling


    Hi Shaleen,

    EDGE=Enhanced Data For Global Evolution


    Hi Mian,
    It is given -ve Supply to BTS ,just only to make easist circuit design and to more safty purpose.

    Vimal Goel

    Hi Anil Patil,

    Difference B/W Ultra & Metro BTS..

    Main Diff is output Power of metro BTS is less then Ultra BTS

    Metro BTS can go Max.222 Config.

    Metro BTS is used only for Small area.

    If still any doubt then Let me Know.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 469 total)
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