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    We are facing severe issue of CROSSTALK in our NOKIA Network in AP. Can any one help us? what are the causes for CROSSTALK?How to remove the problem?


    hi rahul,

    this alarm u r talking about is caused when the signal level bw the main and diversity antenna exceeds the threshold. u can change the threshhold value to a higher value. from the hardware point of view u can check the feeder connectors if the r properly tight
    do you have and idea/steps on how we can change the threshold value. Im new with BTS and this alarm appears when e installed an FSR(freq shifting repeater) in with only the main diversity is the input for the FSR, main left hang.

    The BTS operation is normal.And this alarm is normal for this type of configuration. But the Telco can’t accept our site because of this alarm..
    Pls instruct me on how can i removed the alarm.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt response.


    Hi Fernando,

    I know you have a lot of knowledge about BTS.

    About nokia BTS, do you have reading materials about it.

    Please send it to me.
    I am new with BTS installation and commissioning and Im sure you are one of the person who can give me the knowledge i need..

    Appreciate any response to this.




    Each hexadecimal digit is equivalent to four binary digits..

    for example:

    FFF = 1111 1111 1111 in binary.
    convert now binary to decimal.the LSD raised to 0, 2nd LSD raised to 1 and so forth in ascending manner,raised in increment of 1.

    FFF=4095 in decimal

    . The process is quite long specially for the number of digits you had given in your posted message..If you have a scientific calculator with HEX OCT BIN and DEC functionality you can convert it directly..

Viewing 4 posts - 466 through 469 (of 469 total)
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