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Accent training

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    Scott Watson

    Please accept these comments as to support you rather than dampen your spirits. We have for the last 12 months researched the impact of UK regional accents on the quality of communication with Indian based centres. The results point clearly to the fact that pronunciation by Indian agents can confuse UK based customers and UK regional accents – Yorkshire and North East can also confuse agents. Whilst your industry does appear to be getting to grips with cultural differences, without correct, clear communication it risks losing customer loyalty (UK) and credibility. Please ensure that the people you trust (and pay) to teach accents are in fact experts in their field. With best wishes. Scott

    Rakesh Siwan


    I am the consultant based at Delhi & looking for certain trainers specializing in”voice&accent” &
    ” cultural senstivity programme”
    If you can provide me assistance in searching out the trainers for the relevant fields, i will be highly obliged.

    Rakesh Siwan


    i am looking for voice training ,not accent training . Can someone help me ??? What I mean is…Im very soft spoken and if I try to speak loudly to a large audience,my voice turns very shrill and that dosnt sound nice:(
    BTW I live in Delhi


    I am working as a trainer for a very big call center in Bangalore. Our company insists on NEUTRAL ACCENT, not on American or British accent. Can someone tell me about method of accent neutralization and materials on this as well.


    Hi De.

    Sorry could not reply to you too. Well if you want to change your field to a trainer. You can develop the skill set on your own by reading and practicing which will reqqire a lot of efforts and time or attend the train the trainer workshop.We do conduct some workshops to build confidence in the trainer. If interested please let me know


    I wanted to know if any train the trainer courses are available in hyderabad


    I wanted to know if any train the trainer courses are available in bangalore


    Hi Krishna,

    i was working for a call center i want to know if i can use the accent training material for my usage…as you had mentioned to vinny



    Hi Guys…

    I am a V&A Training Manager, and i’ve been in the CC Industry for the past 4 years.

    I’m currently managing a team of 4 V&A trainers, but i need them to get certified as trainers. Also, i would like them to go through a Train the Trainer program to enhance their skill set.

    Could anyone please help me out at my task at hand.

    Jasjeet Grover.


    i was the one of the lucky person that got a chance to be trained by ann cook here in manila, she actually have a book wherein she is the author. I guess this is one of the best accent book i have read. try visting her site also.


    rj,i already visit the site of american accent,It’s expensive.


    Hi Gaurav,

    I work in a small call centre training institue as a trainer and would like to know how much can u change a person’s accent in just 30 hrs. I am a voracious reader and have lot of stuff to share on pronunciation but don’t know where to stop!!!!! Wudya help me

    Scott Watson

    Re accent and voice training, dependant on your specific outcomes, some tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be extermely powerful – after all, if you wish to change your accent, voice or personal impact, you need to change your thinking patterns that lead to your current accent or impact. We have and continue to use lots of NLP tools in our call centre training events – perhaps it could be worthwhile searching NLP trainers in your country with specialist knowledge of call centres and telephone based communication.

    aman sharma

    As rightly said by scott, NLP is a very effective tool when we we talk of learning which involves a transformation process just accent tuning wherein you have to work to change your mental conditioning. Quite a few people have expertise in nlp in india like upkar chhibber and internationally richard bandler, you can find no of books written on the subject. likewise there are many professionals,… we have couple of NLP experts here in UK.. but for india you need to make an effort.

    What I can conclude is hunting a NLP trainers is worth if one is serious in accent training etc specifically for indian call centers..

    Wish you best of luck

    Scott Watson

    If you do choose to find an NLP specialist, you should ensure that they are accredited directly either by Richard Bandler or John Grinder (co-founders). As with many initiatives, there is a tendency to jump on the band wagon and certify friends and business associates as a means to win business – rather than through any honest commitment to quality. John Grinder has a base in Australia and I’m certain you can find him through Google search engine. Good luck

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 132 total)
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