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Accent training

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    Gaurav Kapoor

    Sure, is one of them amd if u really want good lirature go for ann cooks material or I would send u another sites for online information
    ~ Gaurav


    IS there any Siebel training institutes in bangalore pls guide me


    hi gaurav

    Can we get ann cooks material in India. are there any more sites other thah and
    Please reply immediately


    Looking for Accent training institute in delhi


    dear rohit,

    i believe that u don’t need to go in for an accent training, as there is no way that u could change ur accent if u don’t want to. so if u want to change ur accent look at good english soaps on star world like “alley mcbeal”, “everybody loves raymond”, n also on zee english, try to speak the dialogues, which are siad by the artist in the particular way. u try this for a week n u’ll c a lot of change n if u don’t then it means that u r not having the type of tounge that could be trained. however if u notice a change then just practice harder say 1 hr. a day n u’ll be fine within one month.

    regards n best of luck


    Gaurav kapoor

    i m lokking for anncooks books in india ,i have gt one by the name ann cooks voice and accent you can find this on any big store

    gaurav kapoor


    Does the anncook module that contains CDs, actually help an individual vicariously enjoy the presence of an instructor? Simply translated………….can i listen to the CDs while I’m reading the course content and understand the accent?
    Note : Please reply with specific only if you have successfully done the same.


    Hi everyone. I have just read all the messages. I am a trainer too in the call center industry infact we are a team for soft kills and accent training. We have trained in accent training in fact we are currently training, I beleive u cannot change your accent completely but one needs to understand the difference in british and american accent and be able to adopt accordingly. In our training we train right from foundation differentiating british and american so that the candidate can understand the foundation and learn on his own rather than we spoonfeed the person for each and every word. We have tried it and we have got wonderfull results.


    Hi Devina,

    You said that you were a trainer in the call center industry. Where are you based?



    hi every one

    Hi ! I am Srikanth. Sales Executive of a U.S software company with the customer service wing here in hyderabad. The problem is that my siftware engineers are lacking in good english comminication skills, which leads to a communication gap when they talk and deal with our U.S clients.So i am looking for some organisation training support or some traineretc whereby someone could come over and train our software engineers and improve their communication skills


    just an insight re: my experience with Ann Cook’s CD/Book: “Tan Man”, should be a step in the right direction “accent reduction-wise”

    Of course this is based on experience with Philippine call center agents


    hey Shrikanth,

    I suggest the book/CD “American Accent Training” Second Edition by Ann Cook. Its very comprehensive and has substance. I have seen it work on the people I train and im sure it will for you too.

    It consists of 5 CD’s and gives you a step by step easy, in-depth knowledge and learning structure for accent.



    I am working in American Call center as a Customer Care Officer, But I want to switch my job to Voice and Accent Trainer.
    I did my primary education in England. Graduation in Jaipur.
    Please guide me.


    can anyone help me in finding a trainer who trains on UK accent in bangalore.


    Hi Devina,

    Im currently part of Operations in an American call centre based in Mumbai. I want to change my field and move into full-time Training, basically Soft Skills, Customer Service and Accent Neutralization – well all-in-all the stuff that’s required in today’s upcoming call centre industry.
    Is there any course you could suggest which will better my chances of advancing in this field, since my experience is Operations based and not Training.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 132 total)
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