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Accent training

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    Hi all :

    I hope this group will resolve my query. I want to be certified as Accent neutralization instructor. Does anyone here know who conducts these certifications/trainings in INDIA ?


    Vikram Badhwar

    You could get in touch with Rashid Ansari in Delhi. He works using aspects like movement, NLP, various western and oriental Systems.


    Hi people,
    I have been given a rather difficult task of compiling an accent training manual totally based on the British Accent(RP).I have a manual that is complete in every sense for the American accent training. I am looking for some guidance to complete a similar manual for the British accent and pronounciations. Would someone be able to guide me? Thanx a million. Incase someone wants help for American accent training material let me know.


    But no one in England speaks RP!! If you answer the phone to an Englishman using Received Pronounciation, you will be laughed at.

    England is a diverse culture. We are used to many accents. Just speak clearly and don’t get hung up over it.

    Vikram Badhwar

    Hi All,
    I think the BPO has reached a stage where we have once again started understanding the reason for Voice and Accent. V & A came into the BPO from a listening perspective and somewhere people forgot the real reason. Today, a RP or an American English may very beautifully be substituted by Standard English – not to be mistaken as Neutral English. If we could make an effort at understanding the Standard English Sound, I think we should be on the right track.


    Hi, i Want to learn American Accent. Wheather there is any Audio Casettess avaliable. If s, please tell where i can get that.


    In case of NLP, can anyone tell me where i can become a practitoner? if anyone know any NLP Trainer in mumbai.Do let me know.Thank you.

    Newton Paulo Monteiro

    Hi everybody
    I am a Master of Arts student in Applied Linguistics and English teacher in Brazil. I am interested in studying ways of getting students in touch with several English accents. I have worked with movies for this purpose. Recently, I got to know about the trainings that India Call Centers conduct so that people from other parts of the world can be helped. I’d like to get information about the approaches, techniques, methodologies used for pronunciation training. If anyone could help me by suggesting articles, books, company references, internet links etc., I’ll be greatful. My interest is not in a single English variety (R.P. GenAm, Indian, Standard English), but on any of them and specially on the procedures for implementing such trainings.
    Thank you
    Newton P Monteiro
    Goiás Federal University – Brazil

    Sujata Joseph

    Hi Roderick,

    I work in a Call Centre in India and are currently looking at somebody who could train our Associates on Voice and Accent.

    In case you are interested, pls do get in touch with me.


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    I also wanted to know if any training courses are available in India for American accent training in Mumbai?


    Hi Fiona,

    Working on NLP, there is one guy Upkar Chhibber who is quite intrumental in NLP & its applications, I don’t know much but he often visits mumbai for training. Besides him there is Aman Bhatnagar and there must be more guys as NLP is catching like hell in industry and with NLP in your backline you have an edge.

    Thats all I know .. chill..
    happy NLP.


    krishnaa pratap

    I hope this group will resolve my query. I want to be certified as Accent neutralization instructor. Does anyone here know who conducts these certifications/trainings in INDIA ?

    krishnaa pratap


    hey ronan,

    i am a trainer call center, I read an article by upkar chhibber on Emerging trends on NLP in Call center training but could locate about his company name and the contact information.

    Can you tell me if this guy is from india or abroad. I looked for Richard Bandler & John Grinder recommemded by Scott Watson in his writeup in this forum. I was successful in getting full details on net but the cost is very very high. Iwould request you to suggest me the name of experts in NLP (IN INDIA)and comments on Mind Technology if you have any idea.

    thanks, samar

    Wild Eagle

    What a forum, I am working with HP in bangalore. We have a hell load of accent training institue over here. Belive me I yet to find a good one. If any body over here know about chances for Call Centers in Dubai, please let me know.


    What is Anncook
    Can anyone give me more info on Anncook

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 132 total)
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