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How to Recover TENOR A800 Lost Password

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    HELP…i have a quintum tenor A400 and a VOIP phone,how can simulate a call thru my quintum tenor cms

    MikeM to emma

    It all depends on what you want to do.

    You can setup your a400 to snd or rcv calls to/from cms and I would assume the same is true for the voip phone. However, keep in mind that the CMS does not do ip-to-ip calls directly. If you want to do that, you would need to use 2 t1 ports to create a loop connection so the call comes from IP to the cms out t1-1, in on t1-2 and out to ip to your voip phone. Not really the best way to do this.


    Hasan Mahmud Riyad

    Hello All;

    it was very sad, when someone want to know or fall in problem, then i saw the quintum expart said that contact with him, if knowledge is open for world then it is very bad practice to ignore questions and then suggest to contact with expert. 🙁

    Ok My country banned the VOIP business and the VOIP is restected for all.
    But i have lots of interest about voip and quintum for increase knowledge and experence. if anyone want to know and i know the solution then i obviously short out the problems. Riyad


    Does the Quintum Tenor A400 support web-based access? If yes, what port does it use?

    MikeM to Ruben


    There is a very fundamental web access but is really not recommended to use because it is out of date with the software version. You can try it just by entering the IP address in your browser bar, but it is really much better to use the CLI/Telnet.



    I have done reset and tried to configure with my parameters but no voice tone.Pls somehow help me give me possibilities how i can do to have voice tone and make calls

    MikeM to yufanyi

    In the future it is always helpful to provide the model type and which interface you are trying to use (pstn/fxo or pbx/fxs). From your posting I am guessing that you are using the PBX/FXS interface. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the unit is online and dial tone will be provided to the PBX/FXS ports.

    If you are using the pstn port, then again, make sure you have configured the unit online and check that you have good dialtone on your lines by plugging a phone directly to the line.



    hello,every on , i have dx which is connected with pri. how can i check the channels.pls pls.special request to mike.He help me a lot. thanks

    Md. Abdul Latife, Sabuz

    Hi Mike
    Take my salam first.
    Can u help me?
    is it possible to use two quintum tenor A800 to extend PABX network from cone city to another.if possible how?
    please tell me the configuration

    MikeM to Md. Abdul Latife, Sab

    Yes this can be done, but much depends on exactly how you want this setup, features, etc.

    If you would like me to provide the complete config, please contact me directly at


    Nazmul Hasan

    Dear all, I want to know about Voip setup, What are the total requirment for setup Voip and how I do that?Can any friend send to me the webaddress for best understanding about Voip. Thanks

    Rabin manandhar

    i have quintum gateway a800. i forgot password.i have serverl time rest but i couldnot recovery passwor evem i have already done factory default its can’t recovery please help me how to recover my password in my gateway rabin

    MikeM to Rabin

    There is no way to recover password, only reset to factory default in which case the password = null



    Which CLI is use to set Voice port like 8070 on quintum AX, pls help me.



    IP calls 15
    Unknown 15
    Total calls 30

    How i reduce unknown number? Is there any technic or any change please help me.Thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 92 total)
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