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How to Recover TENOR A800 Lost Password

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    If you go to the Quintum web site and check the product documentation, you will find that you CAN reset password. Here is link:

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    In order for a user to reset/change the password,they must first log in to the unit, however, if they do not know the password, then they cannot log in to the unit. Contacting Quintum is the easiest way as they can either get in to the system or talk the user through getting in to the system using a 1 time, time sensitive password and then changing the existing password, so you do not have to wipe out the config.

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    Hii ppl, I hav lost the password and IP Adress of my Quintum ASSeries.. Any suggestion ? plz help…

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    As long as you can get to the unit physically and connect a PC to the console port, then you can contact Quintum and they can talk you through accessing the unit and changing the password.


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    MikeM, I hate to disagree, but are you saying that the Quintum manual, where it states that reseting unit to factory defaults will reset password, is incorrect?

    Restore Factory Defaults
    A factory default is a default setting that is configured in the factory before the unit is shipped. We
    do not advise that you reset the system back to factory defaults unless advised to do so or if your
    system becomes corrupted.
    If you choose to restore the factory defaults, all current configuration will be deleted, including your
    password. Restoring factory defaults does not change or delete the Tenor’s IP address, subnet mask
    or default gateway; you will still be able to communicate with the unit after a reset.
    You can set all system configuration settings back to their factory defaults through the Command
    Line Interface (CLI) as follows:
    1. Access the CLI through a Telnet session. See the Command Line Interface (CLI) guide for more
    2. Access the Config-VOIPNetwork-1 prompt.
    3. Type setfactory. You will be asked if you are sure you want to set the unit back to factory
    4. Type yes to confirm (type no to cancel the restore).
    Reset System
    The Reset system feature enables you to reset the system, including hardware and software. You can
    reset the system through the unit’s Back Panel or through the Command Line Interface (CLI).
    Back Panel. Use a blunt, thin object to press in the Reset button, located on Tenor AX’s front panel.
    The system will reset.

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    What is the first item in the list;

    “1. Access the CLI through a Telnet session. See the Command Line Interface (CLI) guide for more

    Well, the only way you will be able to access the CLI is if you know the password. Since HK wrote “I hav lost the password” Well, since HK lost the password, he will not be able to access the CLI and therefore will not be able to reset the unit to factory default.


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    how can i conguretenor to tenor

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    There are many ways to configure the Tenor. It depends on what you want to use it for and what your lines and carrier connections will be. If you would like to discuss this in detail, please contact me at

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    how to make a test call using pstn?what i supposed to config?
    thank u

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    If you mean how you can send an incoming IP call to the PSTN, then you need to configure a hop-off number in the Tenor that will match the incoming IP call.

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    hi ..can u tell me how to stop telnet from quintums?

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    If you have a A400/A800 or D800/D1600/D2400/D3000, then there is no way to disable the telnet function.

    If you have a 2nd generation tenor (as/ax/dx0 then you can disable telnet access by going to the ethernetinterface (ei) and setting the management access to 0. Once this is done and you have submitted the change, you will no longer be able to access the Tenor from telnet, only from either config manager web/access or from the console port direct connect.

    Another way to limit this is to block the ports in your firewall/router.

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    HELP!!!… i’ve lost the password of our Quintum Tenor AX series … can ANYBODY help me in BREAKING or RECOVERING the password in my Quintum ax………..thanks

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    Unfortunately with the AX series and all Gen 2 units, if you have lost the password, you will need to contact Quintum directly to have it reset. They can do this without erasing your configuration.

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    i want quintum to quintum call plz send me config

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