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VOIP into a PBX

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    there is a net manager software to configure the ws100. if you’re running the ws100 behind a router. You need assign a local ip and then setup your router to forward 1720 to that ip.

    All configuration is done by a telnet session on port 23.

    Note: Once the ws100 is up. Plug a phone into port 1 and press * button for 30 secons. It will reset the ip to


    I have my ports set to 1720 tcp and 30000_30020 udp only . They work great . Does anyone know if each webswitch100 port sends on a different ip port? I just guessed on the 30020. I was lucky. Gary
    thanks for the port tip Nov 27.03
    Also one of my units has the wont sync up problem. Sticks on line 3


    Hi! to all voip wizards,

    Can I use these ericsson webswitch 100 G4 model to make phone to phone calls? I understand that these model G4 has FXO ports.

    Please advise. Thank you very much.

    Wilson Boyrie

    Of course you could make calls phone to phone with the Ericsson boxes.

    Those blue boxes have one of the best quality of sound that I found so far.

    With two of the webswitch 100 you could call phone to phone.

    if you get a g4 box, you could call from phone to a phone line and beyond.

    Need: A gatekeeper or static i.P. address.

    I was told that works like a champ with some free linux based gatekeeper


    Wilson, thx vry much, I have static ip but how can I connect these units to a DSL with ppooee, there is no instruction how to connect with a username and password? Pls. any help!

    Carlos Andres

    I have a ws100 I’m trayig to connet to quintum but it don’t work, call is started and connect but this always shut dow the call


    Does anybody know how to reset the ws100 G4 to default IP? thanks!


    i changed my ws100’s IP but i forgot what i IP had given,
    now i want to reset it. can anybody help me?


    I have bought a quintum A400 and I forgot the password, how can I retrieve or reset the quintum, please help I am very new at VOIP specially on quintum

    wilson boyrie

    Connect to the Quintum using the console (RS 232) cable.
    With the communications software already open, reboot the Quintum.

    When you see the message “hit the enter key withing three seconds to change”, hit enter

    You will be able to reset the unit to factory default.

    All the old configuration will be lost.


    wilson boyrie

    thank you….


    Hi friend, I have toner A800. I want to configur it to SIP enybody have eny sample configuration pls fowerd me. Thnks


    Hi friend, I have toner A400. I want to configur it to SIP enybody have eny sample configuration pls fowerd me. Thnks

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)
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