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VOIP into a PBX

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    I have a webswitch 100 but there is a typical problem with it. When I start it all the lights flash one after another while device boots but then they should all go off and the power light should get on which is exactly not happening. It happened to me once but when I disconnected everything and re-connected it started but now it is not working. Another question is how do you reset the switch if you don’t know the ip address for which it was programmed.
    Any help from people on forum will be much appreciated.



    I wonder if anoyone can help.
    I’m trying to establish 4 voice channels across the internet.

    On one side I want 4 telephone sets and on the other side I would like to connect to the PSTN.

    Can someone suggest a good-quality and relatively cheap solution. I have seen some good offers for the Ericsson P4 Webswitch but this doesnt allow direct connection to the PSTN as it does not have FXO capability.

    Also, is G723.1 the best vocoder for relatively poor internet connections ? Does anyone know how each algorithm performs, I mean with delays and packet loss.


    About reseting the Webswitch 100 to factory. The original box did not have a way to reset it. Newer versions aparently got a patch that involved going off hook in a specific line and dialing a digit for a long period 9something like 30 seconds) to reset the box.

    I saw it once, but I did not write it down and I do not know the steps.
    I also have the password to telnet into the box, if anyone interested in trying to work on it via Unix.

    About getting 4 circuits via internet.
    A quintum A400 on each end wil a cost efective way to do it. It allows up to four calls at the same time, and could have phones or PSTN lines attached to it.

    Quality is good on all the codecs. With a low latency link is better than a digital phone.

    Ericsson 100

    I have this webswitch 100, all lights go on, start blinking and the power led goes won’t turn on. Tried pressing * for 10-15 sec, same problem happen. Any clue for this problem I appreciate. Tnxs. Luis


    My WebSwitch will but not call out. Anyone have an idea on this?

    How do I reset a WebSwitch 100?


    Is it true that the ericsson web 100’s can only work with public IP’s across the internet ?


    Does anyone have any idea where I can get hold of the “WebSwitch 100 Configuration Manager” software ?

    Although the Net Manager Software is on the accompanying CD, the above isn’t.

    Any help would be welcome ?

    Is anyone selling a Webswitch 100 G4 ?


    hv tried to configure websitch 100 as suggested in their manual, the ip address192.168.10.1 and sub mask for the computer and run netmanager type but error mesage comes up – “could not connect to webswitch 100”. the phone ports are all working the power light is on, tried resseting as suggest by pressing * key for 20 seconds. the Tx light( for the RJ45) never turns on or blinks when resetting- is it a hardware problem or something i am doing wrong – could not locate related problem so + noname+ pls help ..


    Maybe you’re using the wronng cable.
    Does the cat5 run to a hub or switch?
    Do you need a crossover cable?


    Just contact Ericsson, they will e-mail you the content software or sen the CD.


    hello all,
    can you give me some information regarding how call centers make calls to international destinations.
    which sound cards they use tomake calls.are these net to phone cards?which are the isp companies which provide such voip services?

    Tom H

    I am generalising here, but they tend not to use software dialler. They tend to use normal telephones connected to VoIP gateways. The gateways send the calls to an Internet Telephony Service Provider over the Internet.

    Cisco ATA 186s are popular. They cost about USD 140 each. They are two port gateways. That means, you can connect two telephones to them and make two calls at the same time. The Elesign 4800 is a 4 port gateway and the Quitum a800 is an 8 port gateway.

    All these units are compatible with our own calling service, DUAL Talk.

    Please let me know if you need any further information.

    Puzzled ( arun)


    Thank you so much, i used the hub to connect the webswitch – and it worked. BIG relief , thought this thing is now just junk, hope to use it for years to come –
    thanks again !!


    Glad I could help!


    I have a webswitch 100 P4 wich I use behind NAT, on my end works fine, but in the other end point a computer is used to make the connection to the internet and the call does not go thru. They can call me, but I can’t call them. Any sugestions? Need help. Tnxs,,, Luis.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 58 total)
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