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VOIP into a PBX

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    VOIP Newbie

    Hello I have a question for you VOIP wizards out there. I am looking for a cheap or halfway cheap way of hooking a voip box(ata186, ubr924 modem etc..) to different office’s and hook those into a PBX phone system. Do you guys know if these devices will hook into a pbx system or what would you recommend to do this?? I don’t really wanna spend more then 100-200 dollars for each piece of eqiupment at each end phone system is already there. Thanks


    well, if you want to give 100 dollars for a 10 foot piece of croconnect wire, i will take it.

    The output of a ATA 186,UBR924 or any gateway like that is identical to the normal line that the phone company will provide via cooper cable.

    If you have a PBX or KEY phone system connected to normal phone lines, chances are that you have some empty ports on it for normal phone lines.

    Just connect the output of the ATA 186 to the “PSTN” or “C.O.” trunk ports of the phone system.

    Maybe you will need a RJ11 block to convert the modular cord from the ATA to crossconect wire that you could “puch down” on the blocks of the PBX equipment.
    But what the heck. For 100 dollars per line I will supply the RJ11 blocks too.

    Now, if you have not bought the boxes yet, I will sugest that you take a look to Ericsson web 100 boxes.
    There is guy on ebay selling two for $219 dollars. Seems to have a unlimited supply of them.
    Those boxes will give you four ports and it does not need a gatekeeper, only public I.P. addreeses on both ends.
    The box is setup via web browser, takes about 10 minutes to setup each and the audio is incredible good.

    You could link up to 99 locations that way.
    The only trouble: You need to manually program each box to “know ” that there are other boxes out there.

    But for $240 dollars, you could connect 4 phone lines betwen offices or locations.

    Remember: It does take public ,fix, I.P. addresses on both ends.

    Specify how many pieces of wire you will need.
    I will forward the invoice……….

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!

    VOIP Newbie

    Can’t find any Ericsson web 100’s on E-Bay??

    noname to newbie

    Type Ericsson VOIP on the search field. You are in luck. There is another user selling a couple of them for $189 right now.

    Do not forget the check!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good weekend!!!!!!!

    VOIP Newbie

    Ok looking at these Webswitch 100’s what I am looking for basically is to use these as just 4 line’s over ip. I want to be able to use the PBX at both locations basically when they dial a extention on there pbx phone it goes to phone system then forwards over this webswitch 100 to other location and come’s into our pbx on other webswitch 100 then ring to our extention is that possible kinda confusing to type out. I guess that is where I am lost in combining 2 phone systems together instead of putting analog phones on one end and on other end going to phone system. Thanks


    You are right. If you want to be able to call from one extension to another extension, without a operator in betwen,it will not work with those Ericsson boxes.
    In that case you will need a better box, that could handle FXO and FXS interfaces.
    You will be looking at a more expensive solution in that case.
    If you need more information, post you e-mail and I will get with you.


    Question??? DA!!
    Webswitch 100’s Can I come over the IP network and get the Webswitch 100’s to dial out on a POTs?

    noname to lost

    No, the webswitch 100 is a FXS device. It could be connected only to a phone or equivalent.
    What you want is a FXO device. Ericsson used to make a box like the web 100 that was a FXO.
    I never was able to locate one.If anyone have a FXO Ericsson box, write back.


    I have a quintum A400, how can i connect it to my OKI PABX system? do i need a Tie-Line Card? i heard that quintum can work with minimum changes to PABX. anyone can help me with that?


    The PBX ports of the A400 are identical to a normal phone line provided by the phone company.
    They are two wires, loop start trunks.
    You could connect the PBX ports f the A400 directily to any PBX to the normal ports where normally you will hook -up the Bell or phone company lines.
    They are labeled C.O. trunks or circuits, depending where you live and who is your provider.
    You could mix them togheter. That way the user of the phone of the PBX have a choice of using normal phone lines ,or dilaing a diferent access code, or selecting a diferent line, they could go the normal way or VOIP.
    Or you could send all your calls to the Quintum, and decide withing the Quintum wich calls go via PSTN and wich ones go via VOIP.
    A little bit more complicated, but that is what the Quintum is designed for anyway.

    Best regards!!!!!

    saiful islam

    pls solve this problem

    Kay Jones

    How do i configure my Quintim A400 for use with a Net2phone account? Thank you.


    noname, ericsson ws100 G4

    have one !


    Quintum won’t work with net2phone. They use a proprietary protocol, that unfortunately only works with net2phone devices. Any questions,ask me.

    Juan Carlos G

    This ericsson voip device support any provider ? net2phone, deltathree,??? is working sip or h.323??



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 58 total)
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